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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spring Flowers

This is my favorite time of the year - SPRING! I love everything coming to life, growing and flowering. All of my perennials have been especially happy with all of the rain we've had this year. Every morning when I open my curtains, I am greeted with beautiful irises. (Stil need to plant this berm with flowers).
On the end of my patio is this huge bush of irises and usually they are the first to bloom.
Dark purple irises - even beautiful roses... Actually, this rose bush has never had such HUGE roses - and they smell wonderful!
Cement pad at the back of my lot that has my container garden on it - until it gets warm. It is too difficult to keep the pots moist sitting on a hot cement pad.
Yellow irises blooming beautifully.
More perennials - a wide variety of color and textures. It's wonderful! Oh, and daylilies too!
Peonies are loaded with blooms. I can't wait until they bloom. More purple irises.
Oh yeah! Don't forget to tie up your peonies around the base of the stems with string. This will support the bush and flowers from falling on the ground... They will stay upright.
Pansy plants are huge too! They love this wet weather.
More pansies peeking out from under a tree.

Flowers make me happy! I am grateful for the beauty in this world. I love SPRING!

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Creative Mish said...

They all look so beautiful! The peonies are a little late this year. I was hoping mine would be in full bloom by June 12th for my daughters wedding. Last year they were in full bloom the last week of May...


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