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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RC Willey Memorial Day Sale

I've been saving for quite a while to help Jason and Sharon get new furniture for their house. They've really needed new furniture. The back of their couch was broken plus smelled really bad from many parties and 2 dogs their roommate had in their last house. I could hardly sit on them - LOL! He really needed new furniture. Then there was his bed that he got free from someone throwing it out - the middle section of the bed was sunken in - no support. It was SAD!

I tried to get them to buy some new furniture on the President's Day sale in February - but they couldn't afford it. So I have been saving like mad for the Memorial Day sale - because if I don't have cash to throw down for a purchase - I don't buy. I just hate to have bills on credit and I hate payments. I've learned a long time ago that it's cash or go without.

RC Willey had sales all last week for the Memorial Day weekend. I debated on waiting for the door busters - but knew Jason and Sharon would be happier with this type of couch then the door busters I purchase last year.
A dual reclining sofa or console love seat for $469.99. We went to the store and tried it out. It was nice, but the couch didn't have a console in the middle - it was only the love seat. However, they had another one on sale for $10 more that had the console, the dual reclining seats on the sofa - but another bonus - it massages. For $10 more we went with the massaging, console reclining sofa.
Then we were interested in a glider recliner for $249.99... It just happened that it was the recliner that went with the couch set we purchased above. I really like the glider action. Sold!
Next came the bed - $299.99... We went and laid on it and it was cheap -- you could feel every coil. The bed for $100 more was better. I asked the sales man if he knew what the door buster would be on Memorial day - if they had a bed and if it was better quality. He assured me they didn't and everything was already marked for the sale. This was the best deal - so we bought the bed for 399.99. Sold!
Of course as salesmen do - they lie... Sunday's ad for RC Willey had a bed as a door buster - A Queen pillow top mattress set with memory foam for $299.99 - save $400... To say I was a little miffed is an understatement. Oh well - our furniture was already delivered on Saturday and was a done deal...

Here is the new living room chair and sofa. (camera phone photo). The coffee table is my old one - a hand me down :-D.
Reclining sofa with console and massage - ahhhhhhh!
And the new bed that doesn't sink in the middle.

It is their birthday present - for the rest of their life (just kidding). I enjoy helping out my children - that is what parents are for right? It's nice to have the money saved for great sales.

On Sunday, Brady and I went over to their house for a barbecue and some Phase 10. It was a great day and nice to enjoy their new furniture. Yeah!

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Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

That is soooo not cool!!! But love all the stuff!!!


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