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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Container Garden Update

I know this gets a little boring since I showed this last year - but it's that time of year and this is what my focus and energy is on... Spring planting! Here is how my vegetable garden is growing on June 2, 2010 with little sun, cold and rainy spring here in Idaho.
Broccoli is doing really good.
And so is the celery - I'm really excited for this!
I planted Romain and iceberg lettuce this year. We've eaten some and it's yummy!
Early Girl tomato and Beef Master. The beef master plant has been struggling - but it's alive.
Same as with these two photo's. I have a total of 4 pots with tomatoes in them - 2 each of Early Girl and 2 of Beef Master.  I read that if you put newspaper at the bottom of the pot and then the soil - it will retain moisture better. I tried it and moisture it did hold - in fact - it would NOT drain. All of them almost died - so I took the plants out and the newspaper and re-potted them. The other nice thing about planting in pots was during the freezing / frosty weather we had - I picked them up and took them in the house during the cold, cold week - saving them - which I was told by other gardeners with tomatoes in the ground that I was cheating - ha ha!
I also took the pepper plant in the house during the cold spell. When I was carrying it back outside, the rim of the pot broke and the plants, dirt all came tumbling out. I hurried and replanted them - and they survived. Poor trials my plants have gone through this year. Poor little things - first with the water logging my tomatoes and then dropping my peppers and unplanting them. Luckily they have all survived against the odds and my clumsy ways.
My green beans are starting to pop out of the soil - slowly but surely.
Peas, peas - PEAS! Wonderful peas and thriving. I can't wait!
They are really happy and growing great! No blooms yet - no pods.. Maybe a little sun would be nice?? I'm sure they will produce great things!
I had lots of pea seeds and decided to just plant them in the flower beds. Some here.....
Some here.....
Some here...
Some here....
Some here... ha ha ha! Lots of peas - but yum! I can't wait!
I decided to plant this stretch of flower bed with vegetables. I planted beans...
Carrots - look how nicely they are coming up!
And green onions - all in the ground and not a pot. I'm sure they will do fine. The beans in the ground are starting to pop up too. I just feel a strong desire to have a great BIG garden and "can" "preserve" like crazy this year. I feel the need to prepare! (Of course you already no that!).

I've also planted pumpkin seeds on the back of my berm and zucchini and crookneck squash in another corner area in the yard and cucumbers in a pot.. They are planted but not out of the ground yet. I've also been toying with the idea of planting potatoes in a garbage can - but haven't done that yet - but it is on my  TO DO list.

This time of year keeps me busy and I love digging in the dirt!

How does your garden grow?


Garden of Egan said...

All of your stuff looks fabulous!
I can't believe your peas!

We haven't had nearly that warm of weather on this end of the state. I just planted this past few days.

I'm like you, I want to do a bunch of canning this year.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

They all look great!!

We planted our and the goats love them:(

Valerie said...

Totally NOT boring!!!
I have no garden spot, so container gardening is most likely what I'll be doing. Probably not this year, though...:) Right now, I have one scrawny tomatoe plant growing...that's it! :) We think we've found room for 5 or so at least that's a start!!!

gigi said...

Continued good luck fgarden.or your little


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