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Thursday, June 3, 2010

British Petroleum Oil Spill

I am very disgusted and sad about the BP Oil disaster. I don't understand why the WORLD is not in an absolute uproar. An ocean is being destroyed, an environment, our world -- why isn't every nation on this globe sending help. This effects us all!
I am saddened by the loss of 11 men during the explosion. This is a terrible tragedy!
I think our President has NOT done enough!!! What a failure on his part. Where is the national guard? What is he really doing? It took him WAY to long to show any emotion over this, make a trip or to react like a President should. I'm very sad at his lack of leadership.
Seriously....why are we waiting for BP to fix it? Where are other nations?? Why is this mess not getting cleaned up?
I am just sick about this oil spill. I am sick about the lack of a STRONG FORCE of nations, government, people sitting back and waiting for BP to figure this out. The clean up isn't going away... Why can't more be done?
I fear this is going to haunt us for decades - because no one will try until they are paid. Step up people who live near the ocean! More people need to be on the coast doing what they can. People who have boats, need to be out cleaning what they can... instead of waiting for compensation to help.

I can't believe how long this has been going on... What a failure Mr. President Obama... Yes... I think you have truly failed our country in this disaster!!

I'm just sick as I watch these images day after day... The failures to stop the flow of oil and natural gas.. What is truly going to be the impact to our world... Where is the world?? Doesn't anybody care out there - outside the U.S.A.???


Laura Lynn said...

I agree. So many questions and BP needs to give us some answers and close the dang thing. I know it would impact jobs but come on - this could destroy the whole coast.
Did you know that the Alaskan coastline still has not been totally cleaned up after the Valdez? And this is worse than that. I watched an EPA official on Meet the Press and she comfirmed it. Uhg! Frustrating.

Oh and to answer your question on what's taking everyone so long - we are beholden to big corporations with money...

Good post, sistah!

deerie65775 said...

OK, I know it's old news now, but seems like the US wouldn't let others come in and help! PLUS, they wouldn't let BP put into action the different plans they had pre-approved to do in case of such an emergency..
It was not the oil company nor other governments. It was the crazy bureaucracy of our own gov't that made this as big a disaster as it was. :(


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