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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farkle and a Thank You!

During Zoey Michelle's visit last week, she brought a game with her. It is called Farkle. She brought a new game, unwrapped it and we started to learn how to play. You try to roll a 1 or a 5 for points - or 3, 4, 5 of a kind or a full house. These have to be rolled in a single roll of the dice. but you can roll more times to try and get more 1's or 5's. It's hard to explain and I really didn't understand it until we started playing it. It was fun and it is a game of luck. You have to wager your score in the next roll, because if you don't get a 1 or a 5 or the 3-5 of a kind, then it is a FARKLE and you loose any points you have accumulated during your turn.

Anyway it was tons of fun. Zoey Michelle smoked us and won the game. Brandon was right on her heels. We had a blast! We also played Phase 10 which Zoey Michelle won too - she was on a roll. Then we played Life Twists and Turns which I am happy to say that Faith and I won (this is the game that I usually win). Faith was helping me play and was my lucky charm - huge spins every time. It was awesome and a blast - especially when you win. It is ALWAYS much more fun playing games, chatting and laughing then sitting around talking (in my opinion).
After Zoey Michelle and her family left, I started tearing the beds apart to wash the bedding and I found she left me the Farkle game and a cute Thank You card under the pillow in the bed they slept in. Very clever and such a surprise. She is very thoughtful! I really enjoyed the visit too! Here is the card:

From Zoey Michelle's family "the J.'s for short and her children - Faith J. and Dawson (I love his signature) and Kate. How sweet.

Farkle is a fun family game - you should check it out!

PS: I call Zoey - Zoey Michelle because when she was growing up, she went by Michelle and that is who I know her as. But when she was in Jr and Sr. high school she went by Zoey. Plus, Zoey is my mother's name which is confusing when I talk about her. Now I call her Zoey Michelle.. Just a little history.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fire in Jason's Condo Complex

Sunday I sat down to watch the news. It was quiet after Brady, and Zoey Michelle's family left - leaving me all alone. As I was watching the news I saw a story about a fire in an apartment building. It looked an awful lot like Jason's condo he's living in.

I started to really look and listen to see what the address was. I quickly pressed record on the DVR - rewound it and watched it again. I quickly called the fire department to ask what the address was for the fire. The confirmed it was Jason's street address but said the fire was not at his address.

I was panicking because Jason and Sharon left out of town Saturday for a week. I decided to drive down and check it out.
The fire happened a couple of condos down from theirs. I don't have a key, but I think they will be OK - maybe a little smoke damage... I called them when I returned home and let them know what happened.
Here is the news story and pcitures are from Investigators now believe the fire that destroyed two cars and damaged two condos in West Boise was started by an engine that was left running in one of the cars.

The burning car was parked in a carport at a housing complex. Firefighters said the flames jumped from one car to another and to a nearby apartment.

Firefighters said the flames got as high as 10 to 12 feet, and it took them nearly 20 minutes to get control of the fire.
Fire crews responding immediately called for a second alarm due to the size of the blaze.
"We had a pretty good breeze," said Battalion Chief Jim Gross of the Boise Fire Department. "That had a factor in pushing the flames toward the structure. So, given the conditions, it could have been worse but we got it out."

Firefighters said no one was injured.     Smoke affected surrounding condos.
Firefighters helped a 90 year old woman out of her apartment as the car fire spread to her complex.

The burn out fund will take care of temporary lodging for the woman and two others who were displaced by the fire.

The cause has been ruled accidental.
Scary stuff when there is a fire so close to your home and especially when you are out of town.. But, it is a blessing that the fire was not next door and their home is intact.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day M&M Bow Tie

Last Saturday Zoey Michelle was prepping some fun gifts for Brandon for Father's Day. We ran to the store to get some M&M's to make a bow tie. On the way, I remembered that Brady was heading to Salt Lake City to see his Dad and we didn't even think about getting anything for him... Yes, I am so bad to forget this.

This is Brady's dad. We found a card, got him a 100Grand candy bar and some peanut M&M's for a bow tie. The card was really cute. It had a patch of hair in the inside as a gift for the top of his bald head... it was funny. Too bad I didn't scan it before he left. When Brady arrived in SLC Sunday afternoon, he attached the M&M bow tie to his dad's neck - which he proudly wore all day long.

I'm sooooo glad I thought to send something :-D LOL! I'm a bad ex-wife... to remind his son to get him something... Thank goodness for Zoey Michelle's great example!
I had to throw in a picture of AFY last year with the boys proudly wearing their M&M bow ties the girls made them.
I don't know what that face is Brady is giving us... but I had to put it in because he makes me laugh. Cute bow tie...  I'm sure one day he will kill me for putting this in my blog... That's why you should always smile for pictures... mawhahahaha
We didn't put a poem/thanks on our bow ties but this is a cute picture from Oopsey Daisy to see what an M&M bow Tie looks like up close.

Here are photos of our Father for the Day at home. BRANDON, Zoey's husband in a very cute bow tie!!

Even more fantastic surrounded by happy children.... Wait - DAWSON - what is that face?
Happy Father's Day Brandon from his darling children, Faith, Dawson and Kate!

Brady left for Salt Lake City on Sunday morning. He is gone all week..
My house was eerily quiet when everyone left Sunday... I'm trying to get a few projects done this week around the house.

Brady comes home on Saturday because my Nephew Shawn is having his mission farewell on Sunday. My mom will come in on Saturday with Autumn, my niece. Autumn will stay and visit with Brady next week - while my mom stays and works with me. Autumn and Brady will have a great time!!
Pictures from AFY last year.. I'm glad they will have time this summer to spend together. They love each other and get along really well. I'm sure there will be lots of giggling... silly teenagers. I'm glad she is coming!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dairy Days 2010

This year for Dairy Days, my niece Zoey Michelle and her family came and stayed with me for a mini vacation. They live in Pocatello. We had a great time all weekend. They arrived on Thursday night through Sunday. Immediately after arriving Zoey Michelle started to make us dinner of homemade pizza and bread sticks.

She is funny because she planned out all the meals and brought food - because she didn't want me to make everything for her family. Really it was killing me - I can feed them... but she was insistent to make me food, even after a long drive.
Friday night we attended the parade. Back row is Brandon, Zoey's husband with Dawson on his lap.
Then Faith, Zoey, Brady and in front Kate (3 years old).

We love dairy days because we get chocolate milk, cheese strings - and they gave out ice cream but we didn't get any :-(.
Since it was dairy days, there were lots of tractors and cows of course.
They gave away t-shirts! Faith got one and so did Brady - Yeah!
Black cat ready to pounce on the......
Cheese and a bunch of mice...
This float had friends from my ward, Brenda and her son Cooper and Keri and her children Broden and Bree. Broden was in my Primary class last year. It's always fun to see friends!
Lots of little children riding cows on wheels. What a fun way to travel down the parade!
Seriously freaky - a chain saw massacre man advertising the corn maze while letting his chain saw roar.

Covered wagons.
This is our not so happy Dawson. We found out after the parade why he didn't want to come to the parade and why he seemed miserable.

It seems he remembers throwing up after a parade last year and was afraid that he would throw up again from the sights and smells. He was happy and relieved after the parade because he was fine. Poor little guy.
This float was pretty creative with balloon figures.
Camel on wheels.
Flying carpet.
50's diner.
Our cute little Kate. She was having a great time. Dawson is in the red.

See that old white car spotted with cow spots in the back ground. There were lots of cars, Meridian speedway racing cars which revved up their engines really loud. There were marching bands, princesses, cars, fire trucks...and trash cans.. Yup, trash cans - because Meridian is going to huge trash cans for automated trucks starting July 1st - no more store bought trash cans - they have to be rented :-( sooo they can "milk" more money out of us (I digress-LOL!).
Kate found a little friend who was 3 years old too. It was soooo cute watching them. Arms around each other.

Holding hands... We loved it and they were cute getting candy - nobody could resist those little hands held out for candy. They got lots of candy for us - ha ha ha.

Those race cars were REALLY LOUD!
One happy Kate who LOVED the parade.

We all had a great time visiting all weekend. Zoey Michelle is suppose to send me more pictures of other things they did while I worked. I'll post again once I receive the pictures.

I hope they will come again to visit. It is really fun to have family visit, play games, eat good food and chat. We had a great time together!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Motivational Monday - "What We Share...."

When we share laughter, there’s twice the fun;
When we share success, we’ve surpassed what we’ve done.
When we share problems, there’s half the pain;
When we share tears, a rainbow follows rain.
When we share dreams, they become more real;
When we share secrets, it’s our hearts we reveal.
If we share a smile, that’s when our love shows;
If we share a hug, that’s when our love grows.
If we share with someone on whom we depend,
that person is always family or friend.
And what draws us closer and makes us all care,
Is not what we have, but the things we share.

~~Author Unknown~~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Movie Review - " Train Your Dragon" & "Wimpy Kid"

Last weekend Brady and I hit the dollar movie theater and watched "How to Train Your Dragon"..
The voices for the characters were lots of fun. (My total heart throb :-D ) Gerard Butler (Yum, Yum) was the voice of his father and Craig Ferguson is the voice of the dragon killing teacher. Both have great accents that made it interesting and enjoyable.
Hiccup is the boy dragon trainer and toothless is the dragon. I'm going to have to own this and add it to my collection. (It could be the voice of Gerard Butler that makes my heart twitter - ha ha ha)

Oh yeah!! I had to put a picture of Gerard and as the phantom too.. (I loved him as the phantom and loved him singing in P.S. I Love You.. great voice)
I didn't mean to make this about Gerard... but I had to throw a few delightful pictures to make me smile..

We also saw The Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.
Nope, I didn't like it at all. I thought it would be lots of laughs about dorky things kids do... but it wasn't.

As a person, I am a totally people pleas-er - so this character was awful for me to even like. I thought it was mean, rude, judgemental, and basically selfish and not nice. I didn't think it was cute or funny at all.

I kept telling Brady - this is the worst movie - through the whole thing. Don't see it - and if you did - I'm sorry.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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