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Friday, May 14, 2010

Planting Seedlings

The plants I started from seeds in my kitchen window seal were starting to reach the top. Those tomato plants were HUGE! They needed to be planted, but it's been so cold that I didn't want to put them outside yet. I swear they grew an inch every day.
Finally, I took the time to get them in their pots outside.
It's hard to understand the scale of how big they are in a picture.

But. before I planted them, I needed to sanitize and clean their pots. I had to do this because this is what it says on the seed packet:
"To avoid diseases, don't plant where tomatoes or peppers have grown in the last two years"

Well, I don't want disease, but I do want to use the same pots as last year. I emptied the old dirt into a flower bed and brought the pots into our tub for a thorough cleaning.
I Cloroxed them and cleaned them really good.
Using clean pots and new potting soil, I finally have them in their pots. I plant them as deep as I could and only left the top portion of the plant out of the ground. They are still really big! I've covered them with a container until they are used to the weather. I also need to get a stake/cage for them to start supporting them as they grow. 
Here is the celery I planted from seed. There are lots of little seedlings which I separated. It will be interesting to watch these grow. I've never planted these before. I hope I left enough room between them. If not, I'll have to remove some and thin them out as they grow.
My bell pepper plants.
And broccoli plants. I've heard lots of horror stories about home grown broccoli - having bugs. I hope it works out.. we'll test them out this year and see how it goes. I hope they don't have bugs.

I love planting my plants from seeds. It really does feel good. I can't wait until they start producing.

I have NOT planted beans, zucchini, pumpkins, cucumbers or carrots yet. I really need to get it done today. The peas and lettuce that I planted last month are doing great. This weekend I hope to get all of my flowers planted too. It's going to be a busy weekend - thankfully it is going to be warm (I'm soooo ready for warm).


Garden of Egan said...

I too am ready for some seriously warm weather!
I love your plants.

I have never planted celery. I'm excited to see how it goes. You have a much longer growing season on your side of the state though.

Bugs and brocolli. No biggie. Just harvest your brocolli and let it sit in some ice water, bug float to the top.

I thought it was so great that you grew such an awesome garden in your containers last year. I'm sure this year it will be even more awesomer.

Kimmie said...

Sondra you always inspire me!!

I am continually impressed by your love for life and frugality and self reliance!

I have never planted celery either. Today is absolutely GORGEOUS and we finally can celebrate our spring fever of being outside and working in the dirt.

Your container gardening is awesome and I am sometimes envious of people with "cute little yards" that make the most of each and every square foot. Our almost 2 acres is SO much work and will cost LOTS of money to have it all landscaped nice. Oh well, life is about "baby steps" and each year we do and add a little more than the year before and maybe in 10 or more years it will all be finished.

We're tilling up our garden spot tomorrow and going to start planting seeds in the next week.

Congratulations on your little seedlings and so awesome that they are growing so well.

Enjoy your weekend!

Valerie said...

They look so great! I have never been good at growing anything, but really should try again. I'd love to grow my own produce.

Connie said...

We tried growing tomatoes, onions and something else from seed. Needless to day, they didn't do well. My hubs just went to Home Depot and bought tomato plants today. We've planted peas, carrots, and onions so far. Love that it's warmer today!

I'll be anxious to see your garden in progress throughout the summer! You really have a green thumb!

TheSurvivalMom said...

I love all your photos and am very impressed with your seedlings. My husband planted many of ours too shallow, and every morning when we water, I have to scoop dirt around the stems so the roots aren't exposed. I don't think our tomato plants will ever look as healthy as yours!


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