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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Father's and Son Campout/Service Project

This past weekend was our local church/ward held a Father's and Son camp out that they have every year. This year they decided to accomplish a service project for the church's Pinetop campground. They were able to stay in their cabins which is great because the weather was rainy/snowy and cold. Here is the link to the church's website about this camp ground.
Our home teacher Jeff Gale flew home from a business trip to take Brady to the camp out. It was really kind of him to do that. Brother Gale has taken Brady since he was about 4 years old (with Jason too). It has become a tradition that he has done for us. He didn't have any sons - just 4 daughters - so he has enjoyed being a father figure for Brady at these camp outs. It's amazing to have the same dedicated home teacher for 10 + years. Thanks again Br. Gale!

The weather sure has been cold, but they were able to complete the service project. They cleared trails, cut down trees and with the tree logs they made steps. 
They worked on the fire pits. It was hard work and they were beat when they came home. Everything was wet - all the camping equipment. They even had a white out as they drove home - luckily it didn't snow until they were on their way home. I kept wondering how they would complete the service project with the bad weather. It was a blessing the white out snow waited until they were on their way home.

In sacrament meeting they thanked the men and boys for all of their hard work.
I guess the little boys found salamanders around the camp ground that they brought home to their mommies eeewwww - boys are the best. Thankfully I didn't have one brought home to me :-D.

I'm glad that Brady was able to attend the camp out and preform needed service.


Rhonda said...

Thats awesome Brother Gale does that each year. I know he has been a huge blessing in your lives.
I had to LOL about the salamanders and boys. My girls find them in our window wells all summer and catch them and play with them. Ewww is always my thoughts also. See who needs boys when you have a Tymber ;-)

Zoey said...


Connie said...

Such a good opportunity for the YM to do the campouts! How nice of your home teacher to take him!


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