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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brady Mowing Lawns

This is a picture of Brady mowing the lawn three years ago. He is my lawn mowing man and does a great job! We also mow our next door neighbor, Howard's lawn. Howard doesn't water his lawn or take care of it. It used to be just a ton of weeds sky high before we started to mow it. We started as a service to him and to me - in trying to keep all those weed seeds out of my yard.

Howard is a nice older gentlemen and loves to talk to us. He started paying Brady to mow his lawn - even though we would have done it for service. But it eases his mind to pay Brady.

Saturday while Brady was mowing our lawns, Diane from across the street came and asked if he would mow hers. Then Linda asked if he would mow hers and the end house. Pablo, who lives in the end house, usually mows Diane's and Linda's house for free. For some reason Pablo hasn't mowed their lawns for weeks. Linda paid Brady to mow hers and Pablo's too (just to be nice because he always mows their lawn).

That is 5 lawns that Brady ended up mowing Saturday morning. He is such a good kid to actually do it - that was a lot of work. He earned $90 that day.

He was happy with the money - but I believe he also felt good from a job well done. There is joy in working and accomplishing a task. Work is a great self esteem booster. I'm glad he will work with a happy heart and not be grumpy about it. He is a great kid!


Scrappy Girl said...

$90! Great earnings! He IS a great kid...and you are a great momma. Happy Belated Mom's Day!

Geraldine Stanley said...

Great kid indeed! I wish that all kids today can be more like him. Doing something from the heart reflects in their finished work. I believe that Brady has done a good job mowing the lawn of your neighbors. It's a great practice for him; he gets to help and at the same time earn money from it.

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