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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

The other day while Brady and I were watching TV, a commercial came on for Almond Joy and Mounds. During the commercial I started singing:

Sometimes you feel like a nut
Sometimes you don't
Almonds Joy's got nuts
Mounds don't.

Brady started to laugh and laugh. He'd never heard of this jingle.. It was a giggle fest.

Where did all the cute jingles go? Commercials these days are weird and some are just wrong. I'm not into all this shock value commercials they have now. I still don't understand or even like the Burger King "King" commercials - it gives me the heebee jeebees - I always wonder what the executives think... do they think we enjoy those commercials?? Weird!

Here is a throw back jingle for Almond Joy and Mounds - when commercials were good.
Beware.....when shared with the younger generation .... it may start a giggle fest! LOL!


Scrappy Girl said...

The other day I saw a commercial with a man standing naked {his middle was blurred out} with goggles on. He apparently was standing in front of a wind tunnel testing thingy. The commercial was for Trojan! How stupid. It's only going to get worse and harder to protect our sweet kiddos.

Nonna Beach said...

I remember that commercial. Almond Joy is my fav candy bar... I'm with you on the Burger King ones...creepy !
Barry Manilow wrote a lot of cute jingles during his career...clever,catchy and CLEAN !

Ann Marie said...

OK.. Even I remember the Almond Joy commercials... :)

If companies were smart.. they would go back to jingles. I still can remember every word to:

Rice A Roni
Almond Joy
Oscar Meyer Balogna

And like Nonna said ^ I'm pretty sure Manilow wrote most of them..

Connie said...

Loved watching it again! That jingle pops in my head whenever I see an Almond Joy.
I am shocked at the commercial Scrappy Girl described! Good grief!

Valerie said...

I often sing old that jingle when I see an Almond Joy so my kids know it. They do think it's pretty silly though. I agree with you about the stupid, bad commercials these days and it's sad how many you have to quickly turn because of their content or innuendo.

kado! said...

i was singing that in my head at the gym yesterday when the jingle came on...not it does not have the words with the commercial...just the music!


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