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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A while ago I won a Scentsy warmer - isn't it pretty?
And I won 3 Scentsy scent products.
I've enjoyed these products and wanted to get some more. They are $5.00 each through Scentsy. However, I would have to find a local distributor. So much work to replenish my stock.

But while I was shopping at Walmart, I found they sell products which work in your Scentsy warmer (they also sell warmers). Woo hoo!
The best part is they are $2.00 each verses $5.00 through Scentsy. Oh, the frugal girl in me has decided this works great for me at a savings of $3.00. They smell great and works just as well as the Scentsy products. I actually just LOVE the plain vanilla bean without the spice flavored vanilla from Scentsy. I LOVE the Oatmeal cookie smell too!

I'm LOVING that I can go to the store and purchase it without a dealer. I must confess, I'm not much into home parties and going out of my way to purchase things from a dealer. I prefer stores - with no pressure.

Just thought you'd like to know! *Ear to ear grin :-D*


Ann Marie said...

I love my scentsy warmer also.. and our local food store ( besides Walmart ) carries a brand similar too.

I prefer the Vanilla ones.. as anything else usually gives me a headache..

Darling cute new background!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Now I need to go to Walmart...this may make the next grocery shopping excursion a little more bearable.

gigi said...

I'll look for those at walmart. I got my first warmer about 2 seeks ago and I love it.

Dorothy said...

I love shopping Walmart and anything that smells nice in my house.

Dorothy from grammology

Garden of Egan said...

Way to score!
I can't do smells, they give me horrible migraines. I wish I could though. I love how cute those warmers are.

kado! said...

I've been wanting to try those. The Oatmeal cookie one sounds Yummy!

Anonymous said...

The Walmart Wax burns you tho.... My daughter messed with my scentsy wax all the time and never had a problem, but I bought one of the coffee' Bars and it burn my daughter... I am not impressed with walmarts AT ALL. I think paying the few extra dollars to make sure it's safe it's worth it... That's just me tho...


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