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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

I am a non-believer of global warming. I believe our earth renews it self. I believe our earth goes in cycles. I do not believe that when I drive my car that I cause the icebergs to melt. I don't believe in all of the hype.
I think earth day is to cause us to PAY MORE for products. I believe it RESTRICTS us from getting oil off of our own shore. I believe it is a way to CONTROL us.

As far as green cleaning products --- I don't believe in them. In fact, I believe that as people move forward with using green cleaning products we are setting ourselves up in a prime condition for a pandemic. I believe in using good cleaning products and I happen to like the smell of clean. I also do not believe in homemade cleaning products. They may have been great back when people lived on farms and weren't living in city conditions. I think that the commercials for green products are ridiculous -- just another way to control minds. Who doesn't like a good clean smelling home that is clean?? One of the biggest compliments I regularly get is that my home smells good. Everyone says, "your home always smells so good". That is because I am a clean freak - LOL!.
Will I ever use green cleaning products - even though they are made by Clorox.. NOPE!

I do believe in being responsible and taking care of your environment. I don't litter and I try to beautify my yard and surroundings. But, I say DRILL for that oil. It is there for our use. But do it responsibly.

I am not a green freak. I will never be.. But... happy earth day to you! I think the world is a beautiful place created for us by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It is magnificent. I really enjoy it's beauty!


Enid said...

I am in total agreement with you!
I am tired of having this rammed down out throats.
I do believe we should be good stewards of what the Lord has given us, but this has become a religion to so many.
I enjoy your blog....because your are so happy!

Garden of Egan said...

You go girl!!!
Enough of the tree hugging loonies that drive a fat SUV!

I too like the smell of clean.

Ann Marie said...

Amen Sister!! Keep preaching because the choir is listening!! lol!

I am 100% in agreement with you!
I get CRAP for using comet.. and other strong cleaners.. but we don't like germs in our house.. and I want products that will do the job well!!

Do you know the Volcano's that are erupting hurt the ozone layer 75% worse than anything that we as HUMANS can ever do to the earth.

We should take care of what we have been given on earth.. but we are NOT in control of the enviornment with nature.

I find it fastinating when good LDS people believe in Global Warming. So bizarre to me when we know what the last days are going to be like in prophecy..

Anyways.. I'm all about recycling.. not littering.. keeping my yard looking nice.. etc.. but don't expect me or my family to give a DIME of time spent on issues with Global Warming.

PS: I still haven't seen Avatar yet. I know.. crazy.. but isn't it quite political? That's what I have heard anyways.. :)

Scrappy Girl said...

Interesting thoughts. Not a popular stand to take, but I agree with most of it.

Small House said...

AGREE!!! Was it Earth Day today? OH MY WORD....

kado! said...

that really saddens me.

Earth Day started the movement and awareness that helped create the pressure for our government to implement the EPA.

Here is a quote from

that lists many reasons the EPA was a needed change in our Country:

"For years, raw sewage, industrial and feedlot wastes had been discharged into rivers and lakes without regard for the cumulative effect that made our waters unfit for drinking, swimming, and boating. Smokestack omissions and automobile exhausts made air pollution so bad in certain communities that some people died and many were hospitalized. The land itself was being polluted by indiscriminate dumping of municipal and industrial wastes and some very toxic chemicals that would later come to the fore when their steel drum containers would rust and leak hazardous materials into soil and aquifers."

Hundreds of years ago we were not creating these emissions, with technology comes new reasons to create regulations that protect and preserve our Earth. As we create modern conveniences we also need to see the effect they may have on our surroundings.

The Earth is our Home, and Homes take a lot of work to keep in great condition. Just dusting and vacuuming are not going to keep your house in pristine condition for the next 100 years. Figuratively speaking, The same goes for our Earth. We are a part of a beautiful living system, and the way each person lives really Does have an effect on everyone.

I'm not leaving this comment to "preach". In fact I used to share your same opinions on such matters. I don't really know what changed inside me (because I was very set in my ways) to allow me to see that one person really can make a difference and help preserve the beautifulness of our Earth we see now for our grandchildren...but it did...and I am a much happier and Healthy person because of my mind change.

as for the "green" products. Some are Hype, you can use simple natural ingredients and have the same effect. Baking Soda, Vinegar and Lemon Juice have been staples in household cleaning for YEARS, and are still great today! but I'm with you, I LOVE my Clorox! ;)

Jenny said...

Hi, Sondra! I've been following your blog for quite a while now and LOVE the cleaning posts!
I completely agree with you not using the "green" cleaning products. We moved into a new rental house a few months ago and the landlord used clorox green works cleaner on everything. Besides hating the smell, I had to go back and reclean everything myself.
Glad to find someone else who doesn't like this stuff :)
P.S. I'd love it if you'd do a post on how you dust your houses ;)


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