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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010 Flu Season

Have you heard that the 2010 flu season took a walk on mild side? It all started with a pandemic threat, long lines and shortages for vaccines for the H1N1 flu. But yet, it didn't turn out to be hardly anything - didn't it?
I wonder though...... Did we have a mild flu season because people took precautions?

Washing their hands more....


Sanitizing their homes and being cleaner?

I know this makes a huge difference in getting sick. Here in our house, we really never get sick. Brady has had perfect attendance at school for years. He never gets sick.

Me?? I never really get sick either. Last year I felt colds coming on a couple of times - but never got anything. I haven't been sick to where I miss work for years and years. Actually, I don't have time to get sick and I am certain a large part of willfulness goes along with me not getting sick.. Because I won't allow it - ha ha!

Every time my boys have started to cough - I always tell them to "quit it!! "  It's not allowed here in our house - LOL! I tell them to wash their hands more!!

I really feel that cleanliness is a huge part of being healthy and I suspect it is why 2010 flu season was mild. People were scared of the H1N1 and took precautions - resulting in a mild season.

I've been really lazy about doing cleaning posts. I've had several requests - and I am letting you know that I'm getting back to business and will be posting some more cleaning posts within the next few weeks.

Stay tuned and wash your hands.. :-D


kado! said...

i bet you are right! I also think "they" tried to scare everyone too...and so many people fed into the hype.

Scrappy Girl said...

I agree with Kado.

I only had one minor cold with an annoying cough. Nothing I had to use medicine for...oops there was that evil stomach flu we had at could I forget that? That time I was begging for phenergan!

Enid said...

Looking forward to your cleaning bathroom really sparkles since I incorporated some of your techniques ..Thanks!


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