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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The King and I

Friday night, March 5, 2010 we attended Brady's high school's musical production of "The King and I".

I was excited that Brady was on top of purchasing tickets for our family. He called me at work during his lunch hour a couple of weeks ago and asked if he could purchase tickets for our family, Jason, Sharon, Brady and me. Of course I was excited that we knew of the musical and were going.

I LOVE live plays and musicals. While I was growing up, this was one thing we always did as a family. This was because my sister Cindy who has an amazing voice was usually in the musicals we attended. I love that I was raised with this culture and the love of music.
I've always enjoyed the musical the King and I. It's been a while since I've watched the original one shown above.

I was especially glad that Jason and Sharon were coming with us. As soon as we walked inside the auditorium we heard... Brady     .....      Brady!!!

I told him he could sit with his friends - it was cute.
Here is the program. It makes me sad that the SMALL auditorium at our high school was not filled - especially on a Friday night. They just don't advertise it well enough. It should be packed in every showing... too bad.

The other thing is that our drama department is not funded well at all. The equipment is very sad. Both times we have watched a play - the microphones do not work... It is VERY annoying when you cannot hear the song or the words  - even in the VERY SMALL auditorium. Too Bad  :-(

I thought they cast did a great job. I really really thought the king played by Eric Rush was great!! I loved him!

Anna (Cassi Coffin) did a good job as well as Tuptim (Hannah Elton) who has an amazing voice - Bravo! Lady Thiang the king's number one wife played by Rachel Barocio is a very beautiful young lady who had the "Siam" look - BEAUTIFUL!

I wondered how they would pull of all of the king's children - and they did pull it off. They had about 4 children part of the cast -- they were cute and I loved it. They made the show!

The gentleman playing the piano with the orchestra was AMAZING. WOW!
It was a fun evening and I'm glad we were able to attend as a family - and that Brady was able to sit with his friends and enjoy the play.

Today I watched the King and I original show, shown at the top of this post. As I watched it - I realized that they followed it very well and did a great job. I only wished the microphones worked and we could have understood every line and song. They really need a fundraiser to get funding to upgrade the sound system.

I am planning to watch "Anna and the King" tonight. I LOVE this show. It is wonderful! The actors are fantastic - although it is not a musical... it is the real story with many details left out in the musical. Every time I watch it, I fall in love the whole true story and the friendship/love between Anna and the King.  aaaahh 
One of the things I really pride myself on as a mother has been my ability to raise my sons with culture and the love of music. Which brings up another point...

Last week Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was on The Movie Channel. Of course when I saw it was on - I watched it..
After it was over ... I got on the computer and checked out facebook. To my surprise I see this message from Sharon:

Jason is making me watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I now question his sexuality... J/k. But seriously??

I couldn't believe it -- how rude! On the other hand it was funny that he watched it too.. Like mother like son... *giggle.

This was my comment to Sharon:

ha ha ha... I just watched it tooo... Hmmmm mother and son... we're kinda a like... That was great.. Jason I'm sooo proud of you... But seriously Sharon - didn't you love it???

Sharon finally commented back (after their friend Adam said "that movie is Awesome!):

I'm disgusted that I love it. ADAM- I question your sexuality too.

It is really sad that Sharon hasn't seen any of these wonderful musical or was raised with all of this culture in her life. Do I apologize for having Momma's boys who love plays and musicals??? Nope - I think it makes them well rounded and wonderful... And they are manly men!! Sharon I hope you continually come over to the bright side of light with all of this culture *wink! 

It turned out to be a fun night with my dear family. I'm a blessed mother with a wonderful family whom I love very much!


Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like such a fun night! Glad you could go with the fam.
Sounds like Brady might have a hard time making friends....huh...haha.

Cherie said...

Good for you guys! 2 girls from our ward are in the play and I hope we get a chance to go see it.
It also doesn't help that the 3A Basketball Championship has been going on all week over at the school and kind of overshadows everything.

Good job on your review.

I am one who has always loved to watch plays and musicals, etc...with my family too. It is good to be well rounded.

Just about every morning Kurke breaks out in song. This is what he sings..."OoooooKlahoma where the wind comes rushing down the plain" ha ha ha... it is funny! I always have to tell him - It's "Sweeping down the plain" not rushing - giggle!

Your boys are great and I was totally impressed that Jason got Sharon to watch 7 Brides - I thought everyone on the planet had seen that! Good job Jason!!! Woot!

Connie said...

I love musicals too! How wonderful that you were able to go with your family to this! I think high school musicals are so fun, especioally when you know the students who are playing the characters.

I think it's OK that men like musicals too. :-)

Small House said...

We LOVE musicals. Good for you for watching these with your boys.

Don't you just love school musicals and productions???!!! OH they make me so happy.

Glad you had fun!

Valerie said...

I love live theater too! So fun.
When I was a kid, my grandma would take the whole family to the community theater play every year. I remember the very first play I went to when I was considered old was "No, No Nanette". I still have the playbill in my scrapbook. My grandma really fostered my love of musical theater.
Hubby and I love to take the kids and go down to the Tuacahn Outdoor Theater in St. George, Ut. We try to go every summer.

Ann Marie said...

Yay!! I LOVE the King and I!!

My sister Cathy was Anna in our Jr. High production and I was so jealous of her wardrobe.. the music is beautiful and the story is lovely.

I love musicals.. but I have only ever seen like 10. I admit.. I havent seen 7 brides.. I feel really sheltered now!

Good job teaching your boys to love and appreciate music/theatre.. :)


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