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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 Primary Class Party!

It's that time again, to have a class party! I have a really wonderful class this year. The children are really reverent, they sing during sharing time, they bring their scriptures and participate. They are great kids. I have a large class, 12 children again this year and all are active - woo hoo!! We only had 8 children at the party this time - next time I hope they all attend.

We had pizza for lunch. The pizza was really, really late - I was worried. It took them over an hour to deliver it! Yikes!! I didn't like that at all. We ended up doing both of our crafts before the pizza arrived. Plus, I had to pull out the play doe for the children to have something to do until the pizza arrived.
Finally the pizza arrived. This is Kaelyn (with finger up), Lauren with hand up, and Annalee getting a slice of pizza.
Daisha is showing off her little chick she made out of play doe - and it was really cute. Mason is such a cutie - and had to sneak in for a picture.
Eating pizza, Annalee, Lauren, Kaelyn and Daisha. As you can see, I pushed the furniture in the living room to one side and put up tables.
This is Lucy.
This is Ali, Naethen and Mason.
Daisha and Kaelyn.
Annalee, silly girl Lauren and Lucy.
I made Lauren put down her peace sign... the sun really wasn't helping with the pictures. You can see gold coins all over the table.
These are the two crafts we put together. A book marker and a chick for Easter. We also decorated shamrock cookies - and I did not get one picture of the wonderful cookies. AND didn't get a picture of them making the 2 crafts. I can't believe it!!

They all took home a St. Patrick's Day goodie bag. It's the same one I make for Seminary devotionals (which Brady has today).
The bag has a kettle with 10 pieces of chocolate gold in it.
The shamrock that represents the God Head and also that they love us. (folds up into a heart = love)
Also a Shamrock pin to wear.
It was a fun party. I'm sad that Jordan, Zachary, Ayden and Brooklyn didn't make it. Hopefully the will be there next time.
Sunday Annalee and Kaelyn gave me a thank you card they made.
From Kaelyn... Very cute drawing!
From Annalee. I glad they enjoyed the party. Next one is scheduled for May to do a Mother's day craft. 1 party down and 3 to go for 2010.


Laura Lynn said...

It's so nice when your class is cooperative. Looks like a fun party for them. My kids (at home)made the bear bookmark too. It is so cute.

Garden of Egan said...

That is a lot of kids! Wow.
Looks like they had a great time. Great ideas for crafts.
I wanna be in your class.

Valerie said...

Looks so fun, like always at your parties.

I love your canisters behind the pizza boxes. :)


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