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Monday, February 1, 2010

Motivational Monday - "Time"

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. He only is rich who owns the day, and no one owns the day who allow it to be invaded with worry, fret, and anxiety. Finish every day and be done with it. This day is all that is good and fair. It is too dear to waste a moment on the yesterdays.
Take time to think --- it's the source of power;

Take time to read --- it's the fountain of knowledge;

Take time to play --- it's the secret of perpetual youth;

Take time to be friendly --- it's the road to happiness;

Take time to laugh --- it's the mirror of the soul;

Take time to give --- it's ungodly to be selfish;

Take time to work --- it's the price of success;

Take time to love and be loved --- it's God's given privilege;

Take time to pray --- it's the greatest power on earth.

Take time --- it's yours!


Nikia, May and da kids said...

Thank you for kick starting my morning off nicely = )


Robyn said...

This reminds me of my dad- when he used to drop me off at school he would say something like- "This is the only day you will be an 8th grader on February 1st. Make it a great day." I have never forgot that. All we have is today. Great thought.

The Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful thoughts. Glad I came here to be lifted and happy.
You are wonderful.

Small House said...

I love anything that starts out "write it on your heart." That's such a good statement for anything that is good.

Love all the thoughts. Thank you!

Kimmie said...

I am a quote lover and love the concept of time.

TIME is really all we have in this life and we need to decide the best way we will spend it so we make the most of every day and make sure that every day is as happy and positive as it can be!!

Thanks for the happy reminder. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Ann Marie said...

Thank you for this post today.
After this past week.. I can't agree more with this concept.

Did you LOVE VD? I think the vamps won me more than twilight.

Thank you for your thoughts and kind note. It has been a very dark week.. and my blog friends sure made it a lot better...

Given anymore thought to the cabin? We have lots of fun and secrets to share.. and it won't be quite the same without you!
Come on.. you don't want your thursday and friday clients to be mad if you are kidnapped.. :)
PLEASE think about it.. and come.

Sherri said...

What a wonderful post...everyone needs to read it!

Connie said...

Beautifully said! I can see all that in a wall hanging! It would be good to look at it everyday!


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