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Friday, January 15, 2010

Brady's Biology Game

Brady was assigned to create a review board game for his Biology class. The name if his game is "Biological Warfare". They played the games the children made in class. The goal was to have the children review concepts taught during the semester for the upcoming final. Since it was an assignment, they would receive a grade. However, I think they learn more making the game (if they put the effort into it as Brady did).

He spent 9 hours making this game - wow! His creativity and ingenuity is amazing. He came up with the concepts on his own. During this semester they had 4 different study guides. He decided to use a different color for each study guide. He worked hard on the question cards, coming up with all of the questions/answers for each card. Then he double sided them with what unit/study guide the question went with. When the player landed on a square, they picked up the color matching card to advance - if they could answer the question right.

His playing pieces are army men from his Risk Game. Every thing is color co-ordinated. He even found colored dice.

He also had to come up with instructions. On his game He put different scenarios that would happen during a biological warfare. Each one had a different meaning and you can click on the picture to read what each symbol meant.

And another rules/instruction sheet.

Brady did an awesome job. They were called up individually to show the teacher what they had made and the teacher asked them what grade they thought they should receive for their game. Of course Brady deserved an "A".

I have to tell you about another child in the class. She had forgotten to do the assignment and remembered while they were discussing what they came up with during first period. Biology is 2nd period. The girl classmate proceeded to make her game during 1st period on notebook paper. When she handed it in - the teacher asked her what grade she thought she should get and she said an "A". AND THE TEACHER GAVE HER AND "A" - YIKES!!! I hate that!

But, I know through Brady's effort he will pass his final. I guess that is why he is a straight "A" student - and I am a proud Momma!


Sometimes I cry.
No, not for sadness,
But because happiness fills my soul,
And through my tears,
I realize that
My cup runneth o'er.


The Garden of Egan said...

I think Brady is a keeper!
Pretty awesome job, in fact I think I would like to play the game....just to see if I know anything at all.

Ann Marie said...

I love Brady's game!
I can imagine that it was a TON of work! ~ I feel bad for those kids that work hard on it.. and then kids ( like that girl ) just wing it or (last moment it ) and get an A. Life is so not fair and I hate it...

I had 2 male teachers in Jr. High that teased and flirted with me. I did NOTHING in their classes.. and they gave me "B's" just because.

I thought I was just *LUCKY* then... but now I am like EW...

You are a lucky woman Sondra.
Have a good weekend!

kado! said...

oh wow!!! What an amazing job he did...he definitely deserves the A!!!! I can tell why you are so proud of him!

...and I was SO that girl you described....shhhhh...don't tell my boys'll be our little secret...I had more important things to focus on like boys and basketball!!! ;)

Connie said...

Very professional looking! I love it when students take time to do things right...especially when the students are my kids! You should be a proud momma!

Zoey said...

Good job Brady! I really enjoyed your pictures and everything you did to make your game worth an A!

Cherie said...

Bradys game looks SO good. You can really tell he put a ton of work into it. I don't think that other girl should have gotten an "A" what does that teach the kids that do work really hard?
Anyway, Brady work ethic will pay off in the end!!

Good Job Brady!!

Valerie said...

His game looks awesome and he looks so happy with it. I think you guys should market it. I wanna play. :)

Together We Save said...

Wow - he did a great job!!

Small House said...

WOW!!! Absolutley COOL! He's got quite the imagination.


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