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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Primary Class Christmas Party

Our Primary Christmas party was a blast. I had to re-arrange my craft room to have a place for all 11 children that came. It was a tight squeeze but we did it. It's hard when you have a small house and can't be outside in wide open spaces.

Things were a little crazy. Trying to keep Collin and Eric on task and in the room was a little hard. They were loud and giggly and trying to escape the room often. I guess they were just trying to have a great time out of Sister Murray's control - LOL!

We ate pizza again because that is what they voted on. It's easy for me - so I like it.

Samantha in the back and Annie in the front. We painted Santa ornaments.

Made beaded candy cane ornaments. This is Broden and Lindsey (sorry it's blurry).

The boys had scouts right after the party - that is why Jonathan is in his scout shirt. This is Broden, Jonathan and Andrew (A.J.). All great boys - behaving themselves and having a great time.

They could also make cards or winter scene's with foam cut-outs. This is Kai all dressed up for cub scouts.

After the crafts and pizza it was almost time to go. I had them go into the living room for a surprise present. We called them one by one to pick a present from under the tree. The green stripped wrapping paper were for the boys and the orange stripped wrapping paper was the girls. They also could grab a candy sack.

Here they are waiting for their turn. Jensyn is holding up her package.

They all had to have their package in hand and then 1...2....3... open your present.

I gave them a journal to replace the "journal binder" we had for the year.

I explained to them the value of a journal and asked them to go home and write down their memory from their baptism this year. I also asked them to start a habit of writing a journal and keeping the memories they have.

It was a wonderful party. We missed a few boys and girls that received their present at church Sunday. It's been a great year and now it's winding down to a few more weeks in Sister Murray's and Sister Pitcher's class. January 3rd they move up to the next class and we will get a new class of precious girls and a smaller class...  I'm sad to see this class go, because we had a lot of fun. But, I am really excited to get a smaller quieter class this next year (If they let me stay with the 7 - soon to be 8 year olds.)


kado! said...

1st? yeah!

so glad to be visiting you!! I have been have you! I love the party pics! They look like they had a blast! your fireplace!

The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like they had a blast. I wish my kids had had a Sister Murray that seemed to love Primary!
I've been thinking about you and how you are doing!


Connie said...

These extracurricular activities you do with your class is what's making memories for the kids. What a blessing you are in their lives.

Cherie said...

Sondra you are THE BEST teacher ever!!!
I just love how you do so much for your sweet Primary kids. If they are smart they will never release you!!

Hope you are doing great!!

Valerie said...

You are such an awesome teacher. They look like they had so much fun. And they even got a journal and a lesson. I'm sure they'll never forget it.

Michelle said...

I'm finally getting around to catching up on reading the few blogs I follow.

You are an awesome primary teacher!! I love all of the pictures & videos you have on your blog. I also like the nativities--I collect them.

I also enjoyed the 1st presidency Christmas devotional==the messages & all of the uplifting music.

Have a Merry Christmas!!

Scrappy Girl said... know how to let kids have FUN! I am sure they appreciate you as their teacher and all the little details you lovingly take time to do.


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