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Friday, December 4, 2009

Playing Games

When our family is together we enjoy playing games. This Thanksgiving was no exception, we enjoyed playing many games together.

(Shawn, Kevin and Autumn)
Here we are in the formal living room of my mom's house playing Apples to Apples. Shawn is up and is working on picking a winner for this hand. 

(Brady, Brandon on the couch, Zoey Michelle, Rhonda, Grandma with Kate on the chair, Shawn and Kevin)
We had a blast! I won so it was great for me - he he!

I played scrabble with my oldest sister Christine and her husband Kurt. Let me say that they are very intense players. They play all the time and also on the computer. They come up with the weirdest words - that I didn't think were words (or maybe they cheat - LOL) - the board above is a great example of the words they came up with. They also made these boxes of words to get 3 words in one play. It was difficult playing with the masters because I'm just a humble scrabble player - but I did keep up with them and wasn't completely in the dust. The 2nd game (they helped me with an "XI" word that gave me 50 points) I won... LUCKY!

We also played Phase 10 - which is our standard "no brain" game where we can laugh, tease and talk. We had 6 players and it was difficult to have that many players... You just don't see wild cards enough. I totally lost on this game. I was on phase 2 forever which means I was only able to lay down phase 1 during the whole game while they were on phase 8... It's not much fun to totally - TOTALLY be at the bottom loser of the game...

OK.... it is safe to say that I like to win... giggle!


Ann Marie said...

We LOVE-LOVE games too!
EVery new game that comes out.. we grab! You really need to get 5 crowns.. it has taken over phase 10 for us.. but it's kinda like it.

I would LOSE with a capital L to your family. Those are words? I feel really dumb right now...

The Garden of Egan said...

FUN! Looks like you were all having a good time.
I had never heard of Apples to Apples until this Thanksgiving when my daughter brought it.

You are awesome and I think you should always win!!!!

Valerie said...

Fun! I love playing games with my family. We have to get the "no brain" games to play when my husband plays because he says he feels stupid when he plays any type of trival or knowledge game with us. :) They're all good. Laughing together is definitely good bonding time.

Zoey said...

Love it! It was really enjoyable to visit with everyone.


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