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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Music - the Joy of the Season!

Last night the young men and young women of our ward were scheduled to go Christmas Caroling.

I made Brady wear a coat (teens these days) and took him over to the church for the activity. (And to my surprise Brady's coat is too small - the arms almost touch his elbows. I guess I never knew how little it was because he never wears it.)

I digress...

I never get carolers at my door because I don't live in the subdivisions where our members live. I live  in the old downtown of Meridian with no other members around (almost like the mission field-LOL).

However, to my great surprise I had a knock at the door and singing. The older boys and girls were there singing. I have to say they were wonderful. They harmonized and I could tell they take choir at school - because they were very professional.

It was a surprise to have such great singing... usually it is singing in pain and "do we have to do this" attitude.

I hit the mother load with the older kids. It brings a spirit of joy to listen to music and it brightened my night. I wish they could come every night :-D.

The Christmas season has started. I've made a dent in my decorations - but there is still much to do. I love this time of year!


The Garden of Egan said...

Yay for your carolers!!!!! I hope that some will come at least once a week. Who can I call to put a bug in their ears? Santa?
Have fun getting ready for Christmas!

Valerie said...

Your son sounds like mine--never wants to wear his coat and keeps growing!

Glad they took the time to stop by your house and share the Christmas spirit and that you appreciated their visit.

Connie said...

Love to hear the carolers, they seem to be a thing of the past around here.
Glad they came to your house!

Zoey said...

Yeah! I love it when there are carolers. I always try and get my kids and husband to sing, but it's 'not his thing'. Ahhh, husbands! LOL! Love and miss you!


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