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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Brady's December Seminary Devotional

To catch up a little, Brady had a seminary devotional on Thursday, December 17th. We used the same devotional from last year which can be found here:

I made star sugar cookies again, reindeer candy canes and a book mark about the candy cane for each classmate.

It was a success. Brady loves giving a fun devotional for his class and I do to! Merry Christmas!

School was out the next day for Christmas vacation. Brady went to one of his friends Christmas parties Friday night. He had lots of fun. This was really his first high school friend party and it was exciting that he was out doing something fun with friends. He was out until 11:45 pm and he loved every minute of it.

Saturday we woke up and packed for Brady's visit with his dad before Christmas. I wanted to be at the airport 2 hours before departure - so that we wouldn't be late getting through baggage check and security. The airport wasn't busy and we quickly moved through each station to the gate. I was surprised that there were not more people at the airport. We ended up being bored for 2 hours... At least we didn't stress out and arrived late.

Brady was gone from the 19th through the 24th. The flight home was delayed because there was a problem with the windshield and it needed to be replaced. They ended up having more problems and missing parts - so they ended up putting them on a different flight. BUT, he returned home safely and was home for Christmas Yeah!

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Zoey said...

I'm glad that he made it back --- and be grateful that we don't live in the east where all of the flights were delayed and canceled, right?


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