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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Relief Society Meeting and Service

Tuesday night was our Relief Society meeting. Women of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints get together every once in a while (monthly or quarterly) to learn new skills or provide service.

This week we met together to make Christmas Stockings for the Boys and Girls club in Meridian. We each donated stocking stuffers for the stockings. These stockings were for boys and girls ages 12 through 18, because they are the children usually missed during charity drives.

I completely forgot this service project was scheduled for this week until I received an email on Monday - Yikes! First of all, I signed up to bring a treat I love to make during the Christmas season to share on a tasting table. I decided to make Carmel brownies and lucky for me all the ingredients were in my food storage. The downside was that it made me stress out a bit for lack of time. I wish I would have known it was this Tuesday and that I had signed up for the treat on Sunday (the downside of being in Primary and NOT Relief Society). If I'd have known, I would have made it on Sunday instead of rushing around on Tuesday.

Monday I cleaned 2 houses, cleaned off all the flowers from my berm, raked leaves, cleaned my customer's business Monday night, plus fit Family Home Evening lesson in. OK - it was a busy Monday but we did it.

Tuesday I cleaned 2 houses, came home showered, made Carmel brownies, took Brady to piano lessons, shopped for stocking stuffers, made dinner and went to the activity. Sometimes I run at full speed. I really need to stop signing up for things - like making a dessert at the last moment *shaking my head.

I made it to the meeting and helped cut out stockings to be sewn together. We had different stations to cut the stockings, sew the stockings, decorate the stockings with appliques and glitter, then stuff the stockings (boy or girl) and write notes to the children and the missionaries from our ward.

The members in our church are very giving. There were so many items to fill the stockings that we were able to do 60 stockings. WOW! It was exciting to see all of these women get together for one purpose to spread Christmas joy!

They had Christmas music playing in the back ground and we all visited and had a grand time. Even though I am a little out of my comfort zone as I rush around to get to these meetings I always have such a great time being involved in such great causes and being surrounded by wonderful women!

Now I am in the mood for Christmas music and have been listening to it non-stop *giggle. Last night I finally took down my Halloween decorations and put up my Thanksgiving decorations. You can see some of my decorations from my post last year. I will post more pictures later of items not on this post. Happy Thanksgiving - only 3 weeks away!


The Garden of Egan said...

What a great service project and wow that's a lot of stockings!
Love the decorations.
You are wonderful.

Valerie said...

Now I'm in the Christmas spirit after seeing those pretty stockings and reading all about your service project. You sound like me signing up for things and running around, but it always feels good to help and finish what you started. That is so great that you guys were able to help so many people. Now I want to get a bunch of friends together and do something similar at my house.

And great looking brownies!!!

Connie said...

I love to do service in a RS meeting! What a fun thing to do and how wonderful that your ward is so giving! Great brownies!

kado! said...

that is such a wonderful project! Those kids are going to be VERY thankful!

....and those brownies sound delish!


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