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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pilgrims or Indians?

One of the things I enjoy is decorating my home for each holiday. Thanksgiving is no exception.

However, the question came to my mind as I was decorating this year .....

Do you prefer "Pilgrims" ?

Or "Indians" in your Thanksgiving decoration?
Me, you ask? I prefer Indians, because I used to be one. I used to be a Pocatello High School Indian. I still hold that Indian Pride within my heart. Therefore, I am partial to finding Indians to adorn my home.
A couple of years ago while shopping with my mother, we ran across this beautiful Indian doll. Of course I fell in love with it, but didn't purchase it. I loved it and it was hard to walk away.

Imagine my surprise for Christmas that year when I opened a present and there was that beautiful Indian maiden. I love her. She sits on my Fireplace hearth during the Thanksgiving season. She is my favorite Thanksgiving decoration. She is 30 inches high - very large and makes quite a statement.
In the window above my Kitchen sink are these beauties.
Or course you will see quite a few Turkeys ......
And Pilgrims around my house this time of year.

But Indians have a special place in my heart! What do you prefer?


Valerie said...

I never even thought about it before. I hardly have any Thanksgiving decorations and they're all pumpkins, corn or leaves. I'll have to think about this since I wanted to get some more decorations. All of yours are so cute.

kado! said...

Love the pictures of you!!! How fun! beautiful!

Hmm..i think i am more about the pumpkin, leaves, and youngest is SOOO into cornucopias right now! I think it's cute. I love the decos you have more than i do!

Scrappy Girl said...

How cute were you!

Beautiful decorations! We are currently having a Thanksgiving Decoration Emergency...Dr. Hubby rearranged some things in our storage in the basement and I can't find my treasures!

Cherie said...

Loving the young pictures of you Sondra!! So cute :D

I cannot decide I love pilgrims and indians. Although in looking at my decor I think I have a few more pilgrims - hhhmmmmmmm.

Ann Marie said...

Love the decorations.... So cute!

I love both... Indians and pilgrims.. and I couldn't pick one!

That Indian princess is LOVELY! The perfect Thanksgiving decor.. if you ask me... :)

I always love to see your decorations.. but I love to see your old school photos even more...
Your sooooo cute!!

The Garden of Egan said...

Had we not moved when I was in Junior High I would have been a Pocatello Indian too!
Love your decorations!

Creative Mish said...

I love all the fall stuff! I was born in Pocatello... my Mom grew up there. I went to Snake River High (Moreland) Moved to Boise when I was 16 and became a Borah Lion :)


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