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Monday, November 2, 2009

Motivational Monday - Embrace Our Lives

It's November!! Last November I focused on daily gratitude and would like to do the same thing this year. I believe that when we have gratitude in our heart, we are happier. I love this quote:

"A house does not have to be perfect to be a home of joy,

a child does not have to behave perfectly to love and be loved,

and every moment of life does not have to be perfect to be of value.

Too often, I realize, we fail to see the glorious reality of the simple joy that abounds in the seemingly mundane routine of day-to-day living.

Instead, we tend to idolize the past, idealize the future, and devalue the present....

What better way to show our appreciation to Heavenly Father for what we have than to embrace our lives." - Winnie Dalley; Ensign, March 1998

I saw this cute idea on Sugardoodle and decided what better way to have a Thankful November then doing something daily to show our Gratitude. I made a Gratitude jar.

I used a regular pint bottle and dressed up the lid with things I already had on hand == which equals a free idea!!
Print off the daily messages, cut out and put in your jar.

The cut out on the front and back of my jar come right from the print out with the daily gratitude messages or Thanksgiving countdown by Valerie Lee.

Here is the link to print out yours too! Sugardoodle Gratitude jar.

On November 1st we picked: "I am Thankful for Scriptures!" Have a FHE on a favorite scripture story - memorize a Scripture. (we will do this for FHE tonight - even though we picked it out yesterday).

On November 2nd we picked: "I am Thankful for Neighbors!" Do a secret service for your neighbor! (rake leaves, pull weeds, leave a treat, etc.) (something we will do for FHE tonight)


Valerie said...

What a great idea. Thanks for passing it along. It sounds like fun for my own family and to do it for visiting teachings sisters too!

The Garden of Egan said...

Very good idea! Love it. I will do something like this for our family starting with FHE tonight!
You always inspire me.

Ann Marie said...

Welcome Novemeber!

GRATEFUL Halloween is over and New Moon and Thanksgiving are on the Horizon!

Love the idea.. and the quotes!

There is always, always , always always something to be grateful for! Have a good night! ♥

kado! said...

it is such a happiness booster to remember what we have to be thankful for!

...the days we are feeling down are the days we can use it the most! i try to do mine every is nice to take that moment to remember!

Connie said...

Great idea and your jar is so cute! You're an inspiration!

Cherie said...

Oh Sondra - Funny!

I did not look at your blog yesterday and we did almost the same thing.

Great minds think alike!!

Scrappy Girl said...

cute idea!


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