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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's the Holidays and I'm Busy!

Sunday Brady and I went over to Jason and Sharon's new apartment and played "Life Twists and Turns". It was a blast being together in their new apartment and playing games. I didn't bring my camera - so there are not any pictures. (They are all shouting for joy).

I'm excited to say that we finally watched "UP" this past weekend. I loved it... It is my favorite Walt Disney show right now. I was a cry baby within the first 1/2 hour... and I never cry. It is very heart warming and funny... Of course I own it now.

Tomorrow is the Cross country team's banquet to end the season. Awards will be given, lots of good food, and presents to the coaches. Last year they made up a DVD with highlights during the season. I hope we get one this year too. I've hurried and put together a baked bean dish to take to the pot luck tomorrow. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Whenever there is a holiday in the month, my work load increases. This coming Thanksgiving season is no exception. I wish I could wave my magic wand and the work would be easier and done sooner.

Unfortunately it increases. My customers want extras done to get ready for the company they are expecting for Thanksgiving. Plus next week I want to leave town Wednesday afternoon as soon as school gets out for early release. That means I need to get 5 days of work done in 2 1/2... Yup, I'm working my tail end off - trying to get it all done before the holiday - because I am taking 4 days off (unheard of when you work by yourself and it's a holiday and customers want clean houses).

In the midst of all the extra work to get out of town for Thanksgiving ... I really have got to get my Christmas shopping done before I leave for my extended family. I was able to put a dent in it tonight, but will have to tackle it again this weekend.

On top of that.... I feel a soar throat coming on. I need to medicate myself and head to bed. If you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks... know that I am lurking and busy ... but around.


The Garden of Egan said...

I wish I had a magic fairy wand to wave in your direction! I don't know how you do it all!
Have fun at the Cross Country dinner!
You are awesome!

Small House said...

NOooooooo.....don't get sick!! I hate being sick around a fun, happy holiday! Here's to hoping that soar throat business leaves quickly!!

Hope you get all the cleaning done. You probably get home and just want to crash!! And then off you go Christmas shopping. It will be nice to have the gifts purchased and delivered though.

Good luck today fitting everything in!

Valerie said...

I hope you don't get sick. It sounds like it will take all your energy to finish everything on time. I hope that you have a wonderful visit with family!

Ann Marie said...

I am so glad you loved UP like I did! The message is so wonderful and sweet... But then again.. I like those sappy things!

I am sorry for your load. I know how you feel though! I have been shipping boxes and boxes of things for a friend in Norway.. and my house looked like a warehouse for weeks. It has been fun.. but chaos!

I hope you don't get sick!
I have been worrying and crazy-sick over my party. My good friend was positive for H1N1.. so it was heartbreaking to hear her call me crying so hard because she wants to be with us. I feel so bad.
I love this time of year for the holidays... yet loathe it with the sicknesses everywhere. I have been worried that my kids will be sick.. and/or me. I wish they had a worry-free pill!

I hope and pray you make it through the holidays OK.. Glad your taking some time off for YOU! You deserve it. XO ~ Ann

PS: Have fun at the movies! My Girlfriend saw it last night and said she's pretty sure anyone Team Edward will be Team Jacob. I thought of you.. and know that you will LOVE the movie!
I saw a shirt the other day that said " Can't I be Both Teams?" So you! ha-ha

Connie said...

Take care of yourself! With all you have to do, you're going to get run down and sick! I don't know how you do all you do AND blog about it too! You're amazing!
I too love the movie UP! It has a great message and it made me cry too!
Have a very happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family and fight that sore throat!

Zoey said...

You are superwoman. I can't wait to see you, even if it's just at the temple! Have a great week and don't get any sicker!

Kimmie said...

I hope you don't come down with anything that at little REST and drinking warm liquids can help.

I always forget how busy the holidays are and try as I might to be organized, there are always unexpected things that come up.

I can't imagine how busy you must be cleaning those houses to be ready for company. I am SO excited that you get to have TIME OFF to relax and enjoy life a little bit.

Hope you enjoyed NEW MOON!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


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