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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blog Award!

I was given a blog award from Valerie this week. It's always a great feeling to receive an award and to know that someone likes your blog. Valerie was nice to choose me for this Honest Scrap award.

I feel deeply honored because this award is gifted to blogs that are encouraging, inspiring, or brilliant. To be listed in this criteria is very humbling - because my blog is just my plain old journal, my thoughts and my family events.

It's always nice to know when people read what I write or even give me a comment. I really enjoy being part of the blog world and all the wonderful women who inspire me.

The rules of accepting and sharing this award are:
*Thank the person who gave the award and link to their blog. (Thanks Valerie!!)
*Share "10 Honest Things" about yourself.
*Present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find encouraging, inspiring, or brilliant.
*Contact the bloggers and inform them they've been given this award.

10 honest things about me ( I hope it's not tooo depressing, but these are real facts about me):

1. I don't cry much. I have to be having a really emotional day to cry - but usually I just hold it inside. When I feel I have to let out the emotion, I have to watch a really sad show to get it started. I don't cry.

2. I had my first son as a single person at age 22.

3. I didn't get married until I was 31 years old. It makes me sad that I married too quickly (2 week engagement) to the wrong man. I just really wanted to be married and have children. My marriage only lasted 3 1/2 years.

4. It's hard to realize as I connect with old school friends how my life hasn't really progressed as theirs has. I know we aren't suppose to compare lives, but I am exactly where I was when I was 20....wondering who I will marry and having to get out there and date. I didn't progress to adulthood with a 47 year old life... I'm still a struggling single woman... You'd think it would be better at this age... Oh well... it's my life and I am happy with it (when I don't compare it with other people my age or old school friends).

5. I've only attended 1 year at BSU before becoming a career woman. I wish I would have finished college and received a degree. I would have loved to be a teacher. But as a single mother, it's been my job to provide a good home for my children and I didn't have the time or money to complete school and I don't think at this age it will happen.

6. I am a spender not a saver - although during this past few years I have worked hard to get out of debt and save. Life is much happier when you spend money you have already saved vs spending on credit and getting into bondage to a payment.

7. I've never really like to cook - or cooked enough to get by. But since becoming a blogger and working on food storage - I've really become a better cook. It's been a real joy in my life collecting recipes and cooking new and yummy things. Where were all you wonderful women years ago????? Sure glad I finally found you!

8. I don't have any real close friends. I have lots of friends but haven't bonded closely with anybody since I've become an adult woman. I think it is because I have had to work so hard to provide for my family and be a single mom that there really isn't anytime left that I am willing to share with someone else - it's too much work. That sounds a little harsh, but it's just a fact that when I am not working I want to be home with my children.

9. Life is different being a single woman. I know I am safe at home and hate to venture outside my home where my children or I could be harmed. A married person who has a husband to rely on, doesn't understand this. I may be different, but I don't like taking vacations where I have to provide, protect and go outside my comfort zone. This equals to no real vacation for years. My vacations are visiting my family (safety zone) which equals a boring life.

10. I am always VERY careful around men who are married. I never want to get into a situation joking or talking with married men from my church or anywhere else. It maybe silly, but I am aware of it all the time. I never want to put myself in any weird type of situation or room where others may gossip about me.

You never really knew how life is for a single woman - did ya? I don't talk about it often, because it's kind of a downer... I'd rather be upbeat and be the best person I can be. But there are lots of challenges being a single woman. You probably won't hear me whining about this again... But, it's out there - 10 honest things about me.

Now I get to award this to 7 amazing bloggers.

1. Kimmie has quickly become my favorite woman. She is frugal, a wonderful cook who is gracious enough to share her wonderful recipes with me. She is a fabulous mother and loves the outdoors and takes beautiful pictures of her treks. I am always inspired reading about her wonderful life.

2. Cherie is one of my favorite people I know. She is a wonderful friend and I really look up to her. She has an amazing life with an amazing family and is a bishops wife - kudos to her that she has time to blog and inspire those around her. I love when she teaches me to be a better blogger. She hosts the best parties and ward parties. She is TALENTED! I can ask her anything and she knows the answer. I am glad she is my friend and close enough to chat with in real life.

3. Scrappy Girl is one of those women whom I connected with in blog land. I love her humor and all the fun she has in life. It could be that we both are huge Twilight and Vampire Diaries fans. She is an amazing scrap booker - very inspiring which is why her name is Scrappy Girl -she wears the name well.

4. I love visiting Connie's blog. She is the best grandma, and mother of 8 children. She is full of life experience and she shares it freely. Great recipes too! I love her sense of humor as she describes her family, it always brings a smile to my face as I read what she writes.

5. Sandra is my creative crafting guru. She comes up with the best craft ideas with things that come from the dollar store. Every time I read her blog I am blown away by her talent in creating marvelous things. WOW!

6. Roots and Wings is a fun blog to visit. They always have great children party ideas, craft ideas, decorating ideas. There area couple of women who share their ideas together on this site. I love it!

7. Prepared LDS family. I love all the preparedness ideas helps, hints and how to prepare better. It's a very informative place to visit.


Valerie said...

I enjoyed getting to know more about you, even if you think it's a depressing part of your life that you shared. It is part of your life and your feelings and I liked learning it. Thanks for sharing!!

Connie said...

Thanks for sharing your award with me and for telling us more about yourself! You are a remarkable woman whom I have grown to greatly appreciate! Thanks again!

Rhonda said...

I dont agree with all you wrote...Number 4 You have progressed I have been in your life for 20 years and I know how amazing you are. I know what a wonderful Mother you are and such a good Cook. You work so hard and provide such a fun loving home for your children. Your boys are kind, fun, compasionate amazing men because of YOU! You provide a beautiful home for them. i know life hasn't turned out how you have wanted but you are such a BLESSING in my life. i love having you as a sister in law and I LOVE when you take your family vacations to us. Who says we are boring? Think of all the fun we have and laughter, who wants to be on some exotic beach when you can be with us? HAHA love you lots

The Garden of Egan said...

Congrats to you!!!! So well deserved!
Hit my blog! I also gave you an award today!

Ann Marie said...

Congrats on two awards!

You deserve it.. and so do the women that I know that you listed!
Happy weekend!

kado! said...

You sound like a wonderful Mom!

...i don't have very many really close friends...actually only one...and she lives on the other side of the USA from i know what you mean. I'd much rather spend my time with my kiddos!

don't you just LOVE all the things there are to learn on blogs! What did i do before i read blogs...;)

Cherie said...

Thanks Sondra and I did the honest thing - it was kind of fun!!! You are so sweet.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

You left such a nice post on our senses video. I just had to see your blog. Wow!I'm so glad I did. This is really sweet of you to mention us. I'm off to read some more of your blog! Thanks so much!



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