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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 5 Senses

This week I've seen quite a few things illustrating how important our 5 senses are. I have never thought about how our senses are important in storing and keeping wonderful childhood memories. I know about it, because certain smells, sights and sounds bring a flooding of memories back to my mind.

I watched a wonderful video from "Roots and Wings" about Setting the tone of your holidays with your senses.

Then on Sugardoodle there was a great singing time for the 5 senses of Autumn.

It got me thinking about how important senses are in your life. I've never thought of filling your home with things that tickle your senses. Although that is exactly what I do.

As you know I'm divorced and for the past 10+ years I have to share Christmas with my son's dad. Sunday while we were driving home from the airport from Brady's 4 day visit, he told me he spoke with his dad and told him he wanted to stay home for Christmas.

He then proceeded to tell me - it was because our house is decorated so cute, it smells good and we play Christmas music.

I laughed because I had watched the Roots and Wings video earlier that day about the very same thing. I am glad that even though we have a difficult situation - I still make great memories for my children's senses and it really means a lot to them.

I love the smell from our "real" fireplace and the warmth from sitting in front of it.

I love this Primary Song for Autumn.

It’s autumn time! It’s autumn time!
The leaves are falling down.

It’s autumn time! It’s autumn time!
It’s all around the town.

It’s autumn time! It’s autumn time!
It’s yellow red and brown.

It’s autumn time! It’s autumn time!
Pretty colors can be found!

What does Autumn FEEL like?
What does Autumn LOOK like?

What does Autumn SMELL like?
I love fall smelling candles and I am really enjoying my Sentsy gift. It is making my house smell wonderful.

What does Autumn SOUND like?

I always have music playing. I admit I have been listening to a lot of Christmas music these past few weeks. I also like soft music playing in the background. I love singing all the time. I bust out singing a Primary song all the time. It drives my kids crazy - but it's me. I love to sing!

What does Autumn TASTE like?

When the air gets cold and crisp, I seem to bake more. Yesterday our home had the nice aroma of freshly baked bread.
Ooooh and how I love the smell of turkey cooking in the oven.... Then seeing and tasting it.
Our senses really do play in important place in our lives and making memories for our children.


Scrappy Girl said...

You are KILLING me.

I am always inspired to be a better homemaker when reading your blog. With the 2 little ones I tend to slack...they mess up quicker than I can clean up. We are also getting ready to do a HUGE remodel in the Spring and I have kinda let things "go." Don't get me wrong we are not living in a slum...but it could feel cozier and I have slacked on the little "details."

The other day I read Cherie's post and she said something about how Taylor had commented about your home. I wanted a home that another child would leave and say such wonderful things about it.

Then I read this post...and your sweet Brady saying such wonderful things about your home.

This proves are special. You are succeeding in creating a home that is a haven and a place of beauty and peace. I don't know why but I am tearing up...actually I do know why. I just feel tired. I need to gain control in so many areas of my life. I need to figure out what I want and go for it. I need to "grow up."

Thank you for the inspiration...I enjoy your blog so much because it is alot like I imagine your home to be...warm, inviting, safe, and friendly. I'm glad to call you my friend.

Gee that was isn't even time for my hormones to be attacking either! LOL

Ann Marie said...

What a sweet and true post!

Even though Autumn is not my favorite season.. there is soo many things that surround me that make my home cozy and warm.

When I smell pumpkin I think Autumn.
When I hear the heater turn on in my house.. I feel cozy..
When I come in from the cold to a warm house.. blanket and hot chocolate.. I feel safe.

So true all that you have shared!
I am grateful that Brady loves to be there with you. It shows that all of the effort to make your home a house of the Lord is paying off. You should be pleased! :)

The greatest compliment I have received with my home.. is when people DESIRE to be here because it feels comfortable. That is soo important to me.. because we pray at night that our home can be a place of peace and comfort.. and a place that the spirit would dwell.

Sounds like your home is that!

Camille said...

Thank you for this post. Those 5 senses really do create meaningful memories. I understand your plight around the holidays. I, too, have to share my girls during those special times. My goal is to take advantage of the times I do have with them to help build those memories we share together. I never realized how much the sights/smells/tastes, etc. really play a part!
It sounds like you are a wonderful mother!

Cherie said...

Ok first let me say that if I had known Brady was gone last weekend I would have worked on you harder to come to the other side of the state with me!!! SRSLY!!

I agree our senses are so important. I too am reminded by smells, tastes, hearing of all the happy and wonderful blessings in my life!

Love Fall!!!

Glad you will have Brady for Christmas :D

Valerie said...

Great thoughts! Now I want to try harder to get all the senses involved in my holiday decorations.

kado! said...

i loved this post!

I love the "crunch" of Autumn leaves...and we walk back and forth to the school bus stop!

AND i ♥ the smell of the just brings an extra warmth to a have a yummy smell, a fire in the fire-place, and family inside on a cold day or night!!!

The Garden of Egan said...

I loved reading that. You are an awesome mom making such great memories for your family. I'm sure you wish things might be different for you, but you are wonderful and doing so much better than so many of us.

Kimmie said...

Love your photos and thoughts of Fall!! I really enjoy all 4 seasons and have so many happy memories from Autumn time.

I'm glad to know that someone else loves to break out into singing as much as I do.

Gorgeous photos and it just touched my heart how much Brady loves you and that he notices all of the LOVE you put into making your home a Heaven on Earth!

Hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!!

Zoey said...

Yes, yes, yes! Autumn is so much fun. Unfortunately, I think that we are headed straight into winter. Great, huh?


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