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Monday, October 12, 2009

Motivational Monday - "Gratitude"

Just as an update, I am healthy! Woo Hoo! I did not get the swine flu/H1N1 or a cold. I am completely healthy. I'm not too worried about the virus in general - it's the not being able to work part that bothers me.

When you are the only employee in your company and customers depend on you - it makes it a sad situation. Plus, the money part is always there too - self employed means NO benefits, no sick leave, which equals = no work/no money.

If I get sick then I'll be OK and will work things out with my great customers. But I just prefer to stay healthy :-D.. Thanks for all your kind comments - you are the best!

Do you ever think about how green the grass is over the fence? Of course, we all do at one point or another.

It is easy to compare your life in terms of its faults to the lives of others who seem to have it better.

This is an important quote because it reminds us that if you really think about it, we probably have it better than the vast majority of the human population.

To become more appreciative, make a list of all the privileges you have in one day.

Everything from being able to drive to work, have a job, get email, stay at home, read the newspaper, take a walk, open your windows, turn on your air conditioning/heater…you get the point.


Zoey said...

Well put! Maybe I should be grateful for the bathroom that I have to clean today, right?

Scrappy Girl said...

I try not to compare my life to others...sometimes it can be SO hard. I think the thing I fall victim to is thinking that something I have isn't up to par with what people think we should have since Dr. hubby is a Dr. We live in a small town in a poor county. Alot of people have it hard and because of the doctor thing people think we are rich. Some of the kids at Manga Dork's school told her..."I bet you live in a mansion." So I worry that if they ever came here and saw that we by no means live in a mansion that they would make fun of her. Our house is nice but I am sure it would not meet their expectations so it makes me want it to be nicer.
Did that make any sense? I am rambling and this has turned into a novel.

I am so glad you didn't get sick...I was worried. Hope you have a great week!

Small House said...

At times I tend to fall into the "Gras is always greener...." syndrome. When actually.....I've got it pretty good.

Really like your idea of making a list. This would make a good family home evening to. It's good for everyone to remind themselves.

Kimmie said...

I'm SO glad you are healthy and doing well so far!! It would be stressful to be the only income and to miss a few days of work, which means no money. I hope thing continuing going well for you!

I feel grateful everyday of my life for all of the wonderful things in my life. Good food to eat, shelter in a home, heat, clothes to wear, being able to be creative, being healthy and able to provide service to others, family and friends and most of all a home filled with LOTS of LOVE where it's expressed often.

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

Valerie said...

Love that quote!!! I started doing that after often feeling deprived when comparing "whatever" to others. It really is true that no matter our situation, we are so much better off than many, many others. Glad you're feeling better.

Connie said...

Such a great post! It's important to look at all our blessings - even in the middle of trials, we can see the good if we look.
Glad you don't have the flu and you're healthy! Take care!

Ann Marie said...

Loved this post as well!
We all tend to fall into the grass is greener stuff --sometimes.. but in all reality.. it's because we don't "see" into each others lives everyday. We all have trials and struggles.

I worry about this upcoming flu season. It's much more scary with no insurance. If Tenney gets the swine flu.. she will most likely have to be hospitalized..which could bankrupt us.. :( I am frustrated.. because the only vaccine they have out right now is the nasal mist.. and they won't let her ( because she is high risk ) have it.
I am trying to remember FAITH ANN.. NOT FEAR.. but it's hard!!

AlbertaMama said...

What a great quote for the effort to stay positive! For me, I know staying optimistic is a choice most days. If I look at all my blessings instead of all the challenges, then I feel good. It's a natural thing to see others and compare sometimes, but it's so true...if we just compare ourselves to the whole bunch, instead of only the people who have more, we'll come out having so many wonderful things in life! Thanks so much for sharing!


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