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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

VT General Conference Kit

Last April I found a really cute idea for a General Conference Kit for the ladies I Visit Teach. Here is a reminder if you'd like to make one too. I made another one for this October's conference. Right now I have 2 new ladies in my route and 1 previous that received a kit in April. It was lots of fun to give last time that I had to make it again - and I'm all about making church fun and uplifting :-D.

Here is a link to my April Kit. Here is a link to the print out for the label from Everyday Food Storage. Just in case you were interested with the details.
This month I added the Visiting Teaching message handout from The Idea Door at this link:
Here are the contents to the bag. Popcorn, Extra Gum, Jergen's lotion (I didn't have time to pop into Bath and Body works - for the yummy stuff) and a dollar store journal.
Here is the bag made up... oooooh look - the gum is upside down.... blushing.. (you can tell I have been rushing this week - no perfection here).
I made 4 kits (I gave one to my partner). I think I have more fun making and giving something each month then my ladies have when they get it. I love "creating" and making the gospel fun...

Anyway.... I wanted to post this as a reminder - if you wanted to make one too! I always love General Conference and can't wait until it's here.


Cherie said...

That is a great idea! I love giving stuff like this :D

Janice said...

How fun is that!!! Never would I have ever thought of that. I tottaly want to do this for my ladies. We won't get to visit them this month so this would be a great thing to take around. I'm really excited to do it!! Thanks for posting the idea. There are always ideas for kids but never seen one for an adult. Thanks.

Connie said...

Such a cute idea. I'm always looking for VT ideas! I too love General's so inspiring and it gives me the shot in the arm to keep going. Always a little sad when it's over.

Zoey said...

You are always so great at bringing things. I tried, but then life got crazy. I figure that I am good to just go and visit. I do have their birthday gifts ready for November though!

Scrappy Girl said...

Another creative idea...


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