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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Caldwell Twilight Cross Country Meet

Friday was a pretty crazy day. I had a long work day....longer then expected. When I started on my way home, I called Brady to check and see if he could get a ride to Caldwell. I didn't think I would have time to get home, shower and drive during work hour traffic and get him there on time.

There wasn't any school on Friday, so the team did not schedule a bus to take them to the meet. It was up to the parents to get them there. I was pretty stressed out by the time I arrived home. I quickly took a shower and we were out of the door in 30 minutes. It was crazy fast and rushed.... then we sat in traffic of course. It is a horrible commute from Boise/Meridian to Nampa/Caldwell.

We arrived in time.... in fact we were early. All that stress and we made it fine. I could finally relax and take a breath.

Meridian Warriors start each meet with this chant. I loved it last year and still love it this year. Our coaches are fun!

Wasn't that fun? Pump those kids up!

Brady is ready for the race. The boys are all lined up. Yeah!
Ready, start..... GO! And off they went. Terrible shot with the sun... But...what can you do?Brady did much better this race. Time 22.55. He decreased his time by almost 2 minutes. I'm hoping he will be down to 20 minutes by the end of the season. He was 170 out of 248 boys. Lots and lots of runners. A great bunch of boys.

I really had a great time. There were a ton of people from my ward. Brady is the only boy from our ward that goes to a different high school. Brady goes to Meridian and the rest go to Mountain View. It is kind of sad that we live so far away from the hub of our ward... But it's all good. It's fun when we are at the same race and can visit.

There is a D.J. who plays music through out the whole meet. After the races the kids dance and a have a great time together. Meridian always seems to be the first wan to boogie and then the other schools run over and join. Right now it's only Meridian getting into the music. Brady was in the front row... More boys were in the back row... I was glad I could watch him dance and have a great time.

Here is a short video of part of one song they danced to.

I was exhausted by the time we returned home. It was a long day...

Enjoy the journey and sleep in late on Saturday.... Aaaaaah!


Zoey said...

So fun! I'm glad that you made it on time, but isn't it the worst when oyou are sitting in traffic?

Connie said...

Go Meridian Warriors! Fun videos.

Cherie said...

Oh I am so glad you made it on time. We left town so we missed it all together - but you probably already knew that - wink wink!
I love this team so far - the coaches do such a great job and the team really seems unified!!
Good job Brady!!


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