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Friday, September 11, 2009

9-11-2001 Remembrance

I will never forget what happened 8 years ago. It was terrifying ... scary ... smoke billowing from the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, people jumping from their offices, bodies covered in ash. We watched police officers and firefighters—community protectors—dying in piles of rubble.

I was filled with a sense of fear that our safety and security we enjoyed in the United States of America was gone. The attacks brought terror to our doorsteps.

I had the news on while I was getting ready for work. Jason (age 17) and I sat and watched as the 2nd plane hit the building. We watched and watched ... not believing what was happening. What did it mean?
We left for work and school .... with a terrible cloud hanging over us. At work we watched it on TV. We watched the buildings fall.

Later that morning I received a telephone call from school. Jason was having a melt down. He was crying and scared that his Dad who is a flight attendant for United Airlines was on one of those planes. He was distraught and had to come home. We tried and tried to locate Larry to make sure he was alive and fine. The circuits were busy, but later that day we found out he was alive.
May we never forget. May we keep our country safe. May we teach our children and love this great nation that has bounced back. We have enjoyed many successes as we have rebuilt and forged forward.

There is such sadness in my heart that many people have forgotten what happened on that tragic day, and the many people who lost their lives.

Our nation can change within seconds. There are evil people out there who want to destroy us and this nation. We can't live in fear. The attacks of 9/11 forced us into a crash course in world politics, terrorism, and Islam. It made us more patriotic and proud to be an American.

I am thankful for our military for their sacrifice to keep us safe. I hope our government will be wise and do the things that need to be done to keep us safe.

May God bless America. May we remain safe from harm.


Ann Marie said...

Amen! I echo your thoughts!

This was a very scary time for me as well. Tenney was only 6 months old.. and I remember thinking.. what is this world going to be like for her?

The Garden of Egan said...

Amen! May we NEVER forget. There have been millions who have fought for the freedom of this country for generations.
GOD bless America.

Lynn said...

Wonderful post and very heartfelt !

Zoey said...

Never forget! Thank you for that beautiful post!

Kimmie said...

What a wonderful post! I still remember packing up the car to go to work and we were watching Good Morning America and then witnessed live the first plane crashing into the Twin Towers.

I remember feeling so much anxiety and sadness for all of the families who lost loved ones. I was only 2 months pregnant with Ethan.

9-11 was a life changing event for our country and many people and it brought us closer together as a nation.

I just LOVE your motivational posts Sondra. They always make me reflect and ponder on my life.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Cherie said...

It is truly a Sacred Day and may we never forget it.

Every year I love reading the blog posts and everyones experiences. They are so touching. We all love our country so much!

Connie said...

Such a frightening, emotion-filled day for me and my family. We had just up-rooted ourselves and moved from Meridian 3 weeks before. We were new to this area, feeling a little lost and sad to begin with. When this happened, it seemed my world turned up-side down.
Thanks for posting.


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