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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School and Crash

This morning we registered Brady for High School as a sophomore this year. 10th grade... Wow - it seems like he was just in grade school. It goes by so fast.

He received his class schedule, his locker, they took their school picture, and he received his activity card all for the price of $117... oh and the pictures were $37. Ouch!

I shouldn't complain..... because that will be hardly any price compared to when he goes to college. The summer has gone and now it's time for school.

His schedule for first semester is: (they have "A" days and "B" Days - 4 periods per day)
1A. Seminary (Yeah! First period again this year!I can't wait for Devotionals!)
1B. English
2A. Biology
2B. Honors Algebra II
3A. US History
3B. Horticulture 1 - Botany
4A. Newspaper
4B. Foods / Nutrition

Second semester is:
1A. Seminary
1B. Honors Algebra II
2A. Speech
2B. English
3A. Horticulture II - Plant Growth and Development
3B. US History
4A. Biology
4B. Nothing... Hmmmmm I didn't realize until right now that he doesn't have a 4B class. I guess I will have to call the school tomorrow. WoW! An error.

One great thing today was that while I was registering Brady for school - my cell phone rang. Who could it be???? My only customer for the day let me have the day off... Woo Hoo! No work for today!! Of course I shopped *wink!!

Every day Brady has 2 cross country practises. Yes, TWO!!!! One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Brady's poor little body sure does feel every muscle - LOL! The coach is working them pretty hard!

He has to get up at 7am now to be at practise by 8am. The afternoon practise starts at 3:30 and lasts until 5:30.... Which is horrible to be in the midst of work busy traffic.

Today practise was in Eagle, right off the river on the green belt. I decided to hang out instead of driving home.

On the way home we were stopped at Chinden and Eagle - at the light. The light happens to be at the top of a hill which you can't see from the bottom of the hill. It's not to far from where we practised.

We were stopped at the light and there was a white truck behind us. CRASH! A student from the team (who had 2 other boys - total of 3 in the car) ran right into the truck behind me. The speed limit on Eagle Road is 55 MPH. The boys were going pretty fast and probably not paying attention - goofing off and crashed at a pretty fast speed.

The whole front in of the students car was crashed in - totalled. (this is not the real car - clip art).
It was traumatic. All three boys quickly exited the car and were OK. We didn't stop because I didn't see what happened - I just guessed. I knew the coaches where behind us and would stop and help out.

It was quite a learning lesson for Brady, Taylor and Kara, who were in my car (car pooling)..... It was scary and sad. We discussed the importance of paying attention and why the law existed that they can't drive with more then one other teenager in the car. I really made an impact on Brady and Kara who just finished drivers training. I think it scared Brady to death..

Driving is a serious thing! It is dangerous and you have to be cautious all the time - especially in work traffic and going fast.

I was blessed that the truck was behind me and the student didn't run into my car. It is a blessing for these new drivers to see something like that and realise that you have to be aware of your surroundings all the time. I hope this is the only wreck Brady experiences.... I hope he always remains wreck free - isn't that every parents dream??

Too bad for those boys .... thank goodness they were not injured. Too bad his car is totalled. It was a sad, sad thing to have happened.


nicol said...
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Connie said...

This is the first year in 28 years that I didn't have a child go to school! It's weird and it's nice that I don't have to pay the $100.00 + fees!
Glad you guys didn't get hurt with the crash behind you. Hopefully it will be a good lesson for everyone involved!

The Garden of Egan said...

Glad that everyone was OK. It's hard to believe that school is starting. This is the first time in 25 years that I don't have someone getting ready to go back to school. I'm kinda sad.

Zoey said...

School just gets more and more expensive. I guess that I shouldn't complain about Dawson's kindergarten snack fee ($14.70) huh??? LOL!

Good thing that you weren't behind them. I thought for a second that you were in a crash by your title. Consider yourself lucky!

T. L. C. said...

Your son is one lucky duck to have seminary as a first peirod class!
I went all four years at 5:30 AM!!!!!

And yep driving can be scary!!!

But, i'm glad you got to spend the day shopping! Yay!!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Yikes! Glad everyone was ok!


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