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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mock Emergency Success

Yesterday we finished our 2 week long "mock emergency". We finished successful! We didn't even feel any difference in our life. I feel very prepared!

It is probably a lot easier when there are only 2 people in our family. Food last a lot longer then if there were more members in this household.

Here is a look at our fridge after 2 weeks of NO SHOPPING. Plus, please remember that I did not prepare in advance (ie: go to the store before I started). I did our regular shopping on Saturday before seeing the challenge on Monday. But I did not shop on Saturday any differently then I normally do.
We still had milk left after 2 weeks (plus my pitcher of powdered milk) on the top shelf. I had 8 eggs left. (side note... yes I drink diet coke YIKES and drink bottled water DOUBLE YIKES)
I decided to taste my powdered milk. First I used it in a bowl of cereal and could not taste any differently. Then I challenged Brady to taste it with me. We filled our glasses, cheered them with a clink and drank the milk. Verdict..... it tastes like milk. I would never know it was powdered milk. We could live off of this milk. It's good to know.

I always try to keep a quart of milk in my fridge at all time. Here is a blog I did about rotating powdered milk.
This is the drawer to my fruits and vegetables. I pulled out the lettuce. I had two really used heads of lettuce. Tupperware of baby carrots. One broccoli head partially used. A few limp pieces of celery and 2 onions. 3 apples and the end of a watermelon we've been carefully cutting one slice per day to eat with dinner. Overall..... we had enough fruits and vegetables..... but is was nice to know I can go to the store and replace it with fresh veggies. The other thing is my potatoes.... I only have enough left for this week and then I'll be out.

If it was a "real" emergency I would be really sad without lettuce and potatoes. I need to get sprouting supplies in my storage to replace the lettuce. I do have potato flakes .... but prefer "real" potatoes. I have canned fruit and would be fine with that.
My cheese drawer is fine. I still have 3 full blocks of cheese. I always purchase a lot when it is on sale. This will last me for a month or so... It doesn't get moldy or bad in that time. I like how they wrap this cheese - it stays fresh a long, long time. I also still had tortilla's left - but I could make them from scratch if we ran out. This was my last package left in my food storage, I try to have a couple of extra packages on hand all the time we love burritos.
I still have 4 cubes of butter with another 4 cubes still in the freezer. I have 1 1/2 containers of sour cream too. I feel prepared all the time and shop to prepare just in case there is an emergency.

This TEST was good to know that we are doing great..... I am maybe on the side of "a freak" in being over prepared. I think I can relax a bit...... I am prepared .... No worries.

During the two weeks of my "Mock Emergency" it wasn't the worry about not having food.... it was a withdrawal of not going to the store.

I am addicted to getting prepared. Addicted to looking at sales ad's and great deals. Addicted to going to the store to look around. It's almost like a social need to go to the store and buy something. This was the most difficult thing for me to not go to the store and purchase something on sale that I saw in the ad. It was an eye opener that I need to discipline myself to quit shopping so much and saving more.

Relax Sondra...... you are prepared... Good job..... You don't need to shop *wink...
One of the items I really wanted to purchase was corn on the cob. I kept seeing it on the street corners in the store advertisements. I wanted some.

Luckily, our home teacher Brother Newby brought me over 6 ears of the most yummiest corn from his garden. That was certainly a fun thing to have during our emergency.
Over all a success!!!

My reflection is I am addicted to shopping and need to curb that problem in my life... giggle!

Can you refrain from going to the store for 2 whole weeks... Not spend money for two whole weeks? Can you survive on your food storage for two whole weeks?

I think I could really save a ton of money if I disciplined myself to shopping once every two weeks. I can do it... Can you?


Small House said...

The answer to your last question is....(I think we both know the answer) NO!!!'ve got me thinking. I'd like to try this with a twist. BECAUSE....we go through so much milk, I'd need to purchase it. I don't want to use my powdered milk, because once I open the can then it will go bad. Hmmmmm......I'll never last like you did. THat's just awesome that you are so prepared. Being prepared must take a load off your mind.

SO....what time did you go to the grocery store this morning? HAHAHAHA I'd be up and at em'

Have a good day.

Zoey said...

WOW!!! What an inspiration you are to all of us! I go to the store almost every day. That's what happens when you are about 5 blocks from the mall and the same to Smiths. Just too convenient. Thanks for trying it out for all of us!!! (wink wink)

Ann Marie said...

Hey.. What's yikes about bottled water? It's especially handy when you need it!

I'm proud of you!! I knew you were prepared.. you could probably help MANY people with all you have stored!
( pat yourself on the back.. good job! )

I know I can do it.. because I had to... Kinda. I buy Milk and bread..and bananas. Then the rest os my fresh veggies come from Chad's families garden. I am stocked up well.. but it's sad to see us using it so much!!

Thank goodness I have it!!!!!!
I can tell ya for sure it's not just for natural disasters!!

Bobbi Jo said...

I am really impressed and proud of you. Great job! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Stacy said...

I did the challenge too! You sound like you did great! I also discovered how much I missed shopping...and missing some great deals. Wonder if there's a grocery-a-holics anonymous?

Connie said...

I am impressed that you had so much fresh produce, eggs and cheese left in your fridge! That's a great exercise in checking your preparedness level!
Good for you!

The Garden of Egan said...

Great job! I would have been OK for two weeks even without prior preparation like you did, but I do love to buy groceries. I'm constantly adding to my food storage.
I need to challenge our family to do the powdered milk.

nicol said...
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nicol said...
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nicol said...
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