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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Deductible carrots from our container garden. I meant to take a picture of the clean carrots too - but my camera ran out of batteries.

They were easy to pull out of the loose dirt in the container and have grown strong, straight and beautiful. They were yummy too! We ate a couple raw and put the rest in our stir fry we had for dinner (which was yummy too).

I canned an additional 15 pints of green beans this morning. This give me a total of 38 pints so far out of my container garden. Love it!


Scrappy Girl said...

This is making me want to do my garden next year. I think I should be safe doing one...the kids will be 4 and 5...maybe they will leave it alone!

Connie said...

Your container garden really works! Any carrots I have grown have been short and stumpy! Even dirty, your carrots are beautiful.


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