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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy Swatting Flies

AaarrrrgH! I hate flies! We try to be very careful coming in and out the door so that we don't let these pesky flies inside our home. However, we have been invaded by 3 pesky flies.

You should see us. There are fly swatters in every room. We try and try to kill these bionic flies but they keep coming back to life. It is super crazy when I hit a fly - I'll poke it and it will fly off. OK - I now know that if I stun it - I keep hitting it until it is totally squashed! No more poking it when it's down!

Do flies have 9 lives? Seriously...

It's been several days that these flies buzz in our ears, land on our bodies. Aaarrrgh! I really don't like them at all!

I had some chemical spray for flying insects and started going after them in the window seals to kill them. I hate to resort to chemicals - but I am soooo done having them around. We finally killed one with the spray, another one with a fly swatter and the last one was trapped in the bathroom. I FINALLY swatted and swatted and am proud to say it's FINALLY DEAD. They are all DEAD! Off to the fly cemetery - and none to soon!

We currently are fly free!! Until another one sneaks in!


Janice said...

Congratulations on no more flies for the moment. THey are very annoying. I enjoyed your other posts too. Thanks!!

Cherie said...

gigggle gigggle
You crack me up!
I don't like flies either!

Creative Mish said...

I hate flies too! ICKY!!! I have hardly seen any this summer which seems pretty strange!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Ha! We had about a good week and a half when I thought the flies had moved in. I killed 40 flies one day. I'm not kidding. In my house! Yuck! I just kept at it and made sure to remove their bodies from my house.

Good luck getting rid of them.

Scrappy Girl said...

3 flies! Oh I can only dream...

Last summer when the cousins were visiting (and coming in and out my door 3,837 times) we killed 25 in one hunt....oh the joys of FARM LIFE!

Connie said...

That picture of the fly grosses me out! Don't like flies - in my house or outside at a picnic!
Congrats on getting those 3 pesky flies out of your house...dead or alive!

Zoey said...

Thanks for the laugh. That really made my day - and yes, I am SURE that they have 9 lives!!!


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