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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Primary Class Party - Summer

I've been very behind in having a class party. It seems something always comes up, or I'm too busy, the children have things going on or something always postpones it. I finally decided we needed to have it and planned it for July 18th and I printed up the fliers to give out at church. When I arrived at sacrament meeting and reading the announcements on the program, I found out that the Stake was having a Pioneer breakfast - so I had to postpone it again.

Stacie (team teacher), the class and I tried to find a date that would work. The 25-26 weekend a bunch of children were going to Salt Lake City for the pioneer celebration and for family reunions. August 1st was Isabelle's baptism and on and on.

We decided to try and have it on a week day -which is difficult for my schedule. Here is my schedule - Monday night I work, Tuesday night Brady has piano lessons, Wednesday night is Young Men's for Brady, Thursday is a huge work day and Friday is date night or something fun (right?).

We decided to try and have it on Thursday, July 18th. On Wednesday I called around to remind all the boys and girls about the party. Everyone was busy, gone, headed to Salt Lake City for Pioneer day and I knew it was going to be a VERY small party. I also found out it was Pack meeting for the Cub Scouts - which was not on the calendar. Oh well.... we just needed to have it and went forward in getting everything ready.

Eric eating pizza, Dillion (Stacie's son) in the red shirt, Jonathan in his scout uniform, Kia in the very back yellow shirt, Drew (Stacie's son) yellow shirt int he corner, and Jerimian in the white shirt. Jerimian is one of my inactive children. This is the first thing he has come to. He is a delightful little boy - who just turned 8. I'm hoping he will start Cub Scouts and start coming to church - that would be awesome!

Out of 14 children in our class, we only had 4 boys and NO girls. It was a boy party. I also begged Stacie to bring her 2 boys and husband because there wasn't going to be very good attendance. Stacie brought her two boys but her husband worked late.
When the children (boys) arrived, we had them play with bubbles until the pizza came and while waiting for everyone to arrive.

After eating the pizza, we had crafts for them to paint. Stacie found some wooden snakes that move to paint, I found ceramic bugs and cars to paint, and a paddle ball game to put together. The snakes were a huge hit!

We didn't have much time to put the paddle ball game together or paint more then 1 thing. So we are saving it for another party.
I felt the party was a great success for those boys who came. Plus, I was thrilled to have Jerimian come and get to know him better. I still feel like we need to try again this summer to have a party.

I am going to check with the Meridian swimming pool - on their last day open and when school starts. I hope we can do a swimming party before they go back to school.

It's fun to party with these precious children, to get to know them better and show them how much we love them and love teaching them.

I need to do a post on Primary handouts - since it's been a while. The binders are getting full and it has been such a fun thing to re-enforce the concepts taught with journal pages and activities. Stacie and I love teaching the 8 year olds!


Zoey said...

What an awesome teacher you are! How fun is that - as the scouts say, 'the worth of one'. I'm glad that you went through with it although many could not come, it is important to those who could attend.

The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like you had fun. And I agree with Zoey...the worth of one...
Too bad those other kids didn't get to join. It's kinda sad that we are so busy but that is how summer is.

Scrappy Girl said...

It is so hard to plan anything in the summer because of all the activities going around...sounds like the little fellows who were there had a good time thanks to their creative teacher!

Connie said...

You must be a great teacher! It looks like the boys had a great time and what better thing to paint than a snake!

You really get to know the kids in your class so much better at a party and they get to know their teacher better!

Great pictures!

Small House said...

Sondra, What a WONDERFUL primary teacher you are! These children will always remember you because of the love that you have for them.

The party looked like a lot of fun. And It certainly was a success to meet a little boy you hardly knew.

There is nothing more important then being able to serve the youth, that's for sure.
Have a great day.


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