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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Movies, Movies and More Movies

Brady and I have been going to lots of movies lately. It's nice on a hot day to go to the movie theater and enjoy a good movie in a nice cool place. We've been having a great time! We had to see Harry Potter two times - and I could go again and again.. Maybe when it goes to the $1 show.

Brady wanted to see "17 Again". I thought it would be a re-make from when I was a teenager with George Burns.... but it was totally a different story line. We really enjoyed it. Zack Efron was great - he is a cutie!
Tuesday we rented "Push" from Redbox. I thought it was interesting - but left me with a lot of questions. I wonder if they left you with so many question in order to make another one. It was interesting but I didn't love it.

We also rented "Knowing" which Brady watched while I was at work. He didn't like it and said it was depressing and religious at the end. Since he didn't like it, I didn't take the time to watch it.

For Jason's birthday he wanted to see Terminator Salvation. We've always loved the Terminator movies. I liked it but it was dark and seemed black and white. I thought Christian Bale did a great job (I like him in Batman). My boys seemed to like it. Then we went to Sizzler for dinner. It was a great evening. (Dollar Show)

I LOVED Transformer 1 and of course had to see #2. It had a LOT of sexual innuendo's which I did not appreciate at all and it was VERY inappropriate and not needed (ruined the show). I like the old timer transformers. I did NOT like this one as much as the first one.... it was OK. Too bad they have to ruin it.

As soon as Brady returned from AFY he wanted to see X-Men Origins. I loved it. I love all the X-Men movies and this one was great too. It gave you in-debth details of Wolverines life. Loved It! (Dollar Show)
I wanted to see "The Proposal" and we went. I should NOT have taken Brady with me. Yikes!! In my opionon it should have been rated "R". I was shocked to see Sandra Bullock pretty much naked. Shocking to attend with your son. It is totally a girlfriend movie -- not a teen movie or a movie with your son. I was embarrassed and thought it was so-so.

I still need to see "Star Trek", "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" and "Up". It's been nice that there are quite a few movies I have wanted to see in the Theater.

I love movies... I love going to the theater and I love purchasing DVD's. I love being lost in a good movie.


Cherie said...

I am a movie junkie too!

I have seen Ghost of Girlfriends Past - Not worth seeing and a bit risque', Up - REALLY good!, and Star Trek - Seriously THE BEST movie I have seen in awhile- Brady would LOVE it!!

Loved Harry Potter,Loved 17 again,hated Knowing - be glad you did not waste your time.

The other movies you listed are the ones on my list so I am happy to have your thumbs up or thumbs down!!

Movies are just fun!!

Scrappy Girl said...

You should definitely be glad that you did not bother with is very dull and has some graphic scenes in it that really bothered me. The religious part was a little confusing and it could almost be taken as religious or not...

You have really been seeing alot of movies...WOW! I totally agree that they ruin alot of movies by thinking they must put SEX in them.

Zoey said...

Hey! I have to agree with Cherie on the Ghost of Girlfriends Past . . . there were a few funny parts, but what the movie is based on really makes it inappropriate.

I can't believe you have time in your schedule to see so many movies! Thanks for your reviews. I'll keep it in mind when we go to Redbox down the road.

Kimmie said...

Hi Sondra, as usual thanks for the reviews!

I thought I had your email address (it seems there used to be a link along your side bar stating your email address), but I don't and so this in in response to your question on my "homemade mac and cheese" post.

The only canned meat I have used in this recipe is "CANNERY" canned chicken, which is all white meat chicken breasts that we actually canned ourselves at the LDS Church cannery. (We had a cannery assignment and got to go and work in the cannery and then we were able to purchase 4 cases of is SO delicious).

My mother-in-law gets some canned chicken breasts from Sam's Club that works well also. If I didn't have canned white chicken breasts to use, I would just pull a frozen chicken breast out of the freezer and cook it up and add it in.

The only canned meat I have in my food storage is all white meat chicken breasts, tuna fish and salmon. Tracy bought some other canned chicken once and it really didn't taste good, so I can see what you are saying about you don't think you like canned meat.

I bet the broccoli was delicious...since this is a white sauce base you could add anything in and it would taste good.

I bet some chopped ham would be yummy in place of the chicken.

Regarding the lumpy white sauce...I use "Morning Moos" powdered milk and I think that makes the difference with it not being lumpy. You could also use cornstarch instead of the flour and try that.

I feel SO bad that you were excited to make something different for dinner and that it didn't work out for you!! That just make me feel SO sad!

I wish I lived closer and you could come over and I could make it with you. It really is an easy and a yummy dinner.

(If you respond to this comment it should email me back to my gmail account if you have any other questions).

Have a great Friday!!

Connie said...

If I'm going to see a movie, I have to go to the theater to see it...just can't sit still in my house.
I saw UP and loved it! I saw Knowing and went huh?
Dollar theaters are great to go to as long as the seat isn't broken and the floor isn't sticky! :)


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