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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Hick-Up With My Container Garden

I've had my first hick-up in trying a container garden. Sunday while I was having a relaxing and napping day, I wasn't watering my plants and yard. I don't have a sprinkler system and have to move the hose around to water everything. Later in the afternoon I decided to go water some of my pots. When I went to my container garden, they were bone dry and laying on the ground. I couldn't believe it because I water them every day.

It was 95 degrees on Sunday, pretty hot. I had my container garden on the cement pad which also heats up really hot. From the sun and the heat from the cement pad, my containers were not retaining the moisture. I was sad and afraid that I would have lost my garden. I hurried and watered them all really good.
They sprang back to life as the evening cooled down. However, I have lots of dead leaves on my bean plant. I know they will be fine and will produce beans.

I decided that I needed to get them off of the cement pad and onto the cool lawn or garden area. I moved them around trying to find places for them in my flower beds.
I moved the beans under the honeysuckle plant. It actually looks very nice. Today they didn't dry out as much as when they are on the cement pad.
My tomato plants are pretty big and as I water them I can see their root system. I need to get more potting soil and fill up the pots with more soil.
I need to tie these plants up. They didn't like being moved around - because they are very big. It's exciting because I have tons of tomatoes growing on all the plants (I have 4 pots with tomatoes).
I think that the draining holes on the bottom of the pots are being plugged with the soil from the garden. This is going to help it retain the water too. Before it just ran out of the drainage holes.
I still love the fact that there is no weeding in this type of garden...


The Garden of Egan said...

Your tomato plants look wonderful. We have had such a cold spell here mine look shell shocked.
I think you are doing a great job with your garden.

Ann Marie said...

I lost money this year on 3 of my containers. I finally got a container gardening book at DI, and fixed the problem. I had my pots ALL soil, and all of the water this year wasn't draining adecuately.. so I spent the day dumping my plants and re=potting them correctly.

Rocks on the bottom, then soil, then my plants! We'll see how it works now!


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