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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drivers Training

This is Brady's last week of driver training. Woo Hoo!

Brady has been getting up at 6am to drive at 7am and attend class at 8:30am to 10:00 am each morning. I'm really glad it is over so that we will be able to sleep in for a month until school starts.

While it has been an exciting time for Brady to learn how to drive, it has also been really stressful. Unfortunately his teacher in the car was quite abrasive and scary.

I'll be the first to admit that my boys have never done well with abrasive men. They really haven't been raised around men and men scare them. Especially when they are abrasive. It's something they have to get over to exist in normal society - but they just are not comfortable unless the man is kind hearted.

This particular driving teacher has made the experience really stressful for Brady. With the stress has come with mistakes in driving - which has caused more yelling and more stress - equalling to more mistakes. I think he is just inexperienced and scared.
Every night we talk about the mistakes and I try to comfort him and explain that he is new to driving and it will take time to be comfortable doing it. In my opinion, I think he is worrying about every little thing when driving and can't relax. It doesn't help with the tension in the car from the instructor and being a new inexperience driver.

One day, Brady was almost in tears when he told me that the teacher said "Quit being stupid," Wow!! I was really mad and wanted to call right away and tell his supervisor. Brady didn't want me to do it. I didn't, but sure wanted to do it (Momma bear protecting her cub).

As the training has come to an end, Brady's teacher wanted me to call him and make an appointment to have Brady drive, with me in the back seat. I really felt there was no value in this. I have driven for over 30 years - a very good driver and I know how to drive - I think I can handle driving with Brady after Drivers Training is over. I've done it with Jason -- I know I can handle it.

Plus, can you imagine me in the back seat while this abrasive teacher puts down my son in front of me. It might get a little ugly - so I opted not to even go there.

I called the teacher and I was REALLY nice on the phone (at least I thought I was). I explained that my children have a tough time with some men and Brady just didn't feel comfortable with him and that is why I felt he was making so many mistakes. I also told him that I was sure we would be fine without me driving around with him. He acted like I wasn't a hands on parent who was supportive of my child. I thought he was really abrasive on the phone. He was NOT happy that I would not drive around with them. Oh man - it was not a good telephone call.

He said, "Fine I'll pass him," and hung up on me. Wow!! I really felt I was being nice on the phone. Actually, the phone call made it come to light on what Brady has been going through all month.
I know that Brady is terrified of driving and of making a mistake. I know this will pass as he drives with me and I can help him feel more comfortable and "teach" him driving skills without the added stress.

I know he will be a good driver - he just needs to relax. I feel bad that this experience has been so stressful. Hopefully it will turn out all right. With the new law of 6 months driving with a parent - I am sure he will be fine before he is driving on his own. I don't feel any concern over this - I just think this teacher was a jerk (from Momma Bear).


The Garden of Egan said...

Well, I'm gonna have to agree with you. I think the mama bear should give a call to the supervisor. There's enough yuck in the world that there is no reason to tolerate it.

Zoey said...

Call the supervisor - what if he is doing this to every kid that gets in the driver's seat? How helpful it that?

Is the law to drive with a parent or with a licensed driver? That is all really new, but I think that it is better than just giving you your license!

Cherie said...

I also think you should call whoever is in charge.
Driving is a serious thing and to start out stressed because of your driving instructor is just not right!

Big HUgs to Brady for getting through it!! He will be a great driver.

Scrappy Girl said...

I would complain to someone above Mr. Jerk Driving dare him be rude and scary to Brady. It takes time to build up confidence in driving...Brady will be fine. He is a strong young man and from what I have read he excels at the things he puts his heart into.


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