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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


One of the most exciting ways to celebrate the birth of this wonderful nation is to enjoy the many firework displays across the United States of America. Our family enjoyed the fireworks in Pocatello Idaho this year.

We sat in Highland High school's parking lot and watched the fabulous display of fireworks. It was awesome. They have it set to music you can pick up on a radio - which we heard because other fellow watchers were prepared with their radios. It was beautiful.

I never get too big for the ooooo's and aaaaaah's.... I love fireworks! Plus it was extra fun to share it with my family.
After the firework display we returned to grandma's house and lite our own fireworks. We had a huge package of fountains. There were two of these huge sticks that you held while the fountain sparked out of it. Richard was pretty brave to hold them - I think it kinda freaked him out (a little).
Brady was in a "posing" mood this weekend for pictures. Tah Dah!!
Brady and Autumn with their sparklers. It was very cold - notice the jacket weather. Brrrrrr!
Good old Pocatello Idaho weather. Brrrrrrrr!
Our cute little Hope enjoying the sparklers. We just love having another little girl in our family. Hope is the youngest cousin and such a joy!
Richard made sure every firework was lit and everyone had a sparkler. He's such a great daddy...
Miss Autumn wearing a patriotic jacket that Grandma had in her closet.
The glow of the night.... Ooooooo I just love it!
Waiting for the sparklers.
Tymber, Hope and Richard.
Brady lighting his sparkler from Hopes. The smoke looks pretty cool in this picture.

Of course Brady had to light a few of the fountains. Boys are such pyros and love fire!... Richard was really happy to play with the fire too. It was a long evening but fun! Happy birthday America!


Scrappy Girl said...

My nerves can only handle fireworks one time per year...and after the incident this year I may need a valium before the show next year. Dr. Hubby's inner little boy comes out when playing with fireworks...he wants more...he even mentioned setting a couple off each weekend of the summer...ummm no thanks! The other day at the truck stop he even bought emergency flares...I just kissed his cheek and told him to be careful! LOL

Connie said...

Is that first picture one that you took? If's amazing! If's still pretty cool!
So fun to spend the 4th with family. I love to watch fireworks, even the ones in the street. Glad you had a good time. In Utah we get to have fireworks again! Hooray!

The Garden of Egan said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had fun. I am a total pyro! I love fireworks.

Cherie said...

We were so boring this year on the 4th.
I loved looking at all of your fun pictures - You are such a fun mom!!


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