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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AFY Pictures

Brady, Katie and Autumn are all packed, registered and ready to start youth conference. Now, off to find my dorm room.
Another great start to Youth conference. Cute new AFY t-shirts.
Brady and Autumn.
The group shot before the banquet at the end of AFY.
The girls made all of the boys M&M bow ties. I've also seen this done for Father's Day.
All of the boys posing with their cute next ties. Quite shocking to see a read shirt.
One lucky girl being admired by all the boys.
Brady???? What is that face? LOL!

Autumn and Brady all dressed up. Brady didn't like having a suit. I guess it wasn't mandatory. Brady and his roommate were the only boys who had a suit jacket. I think it was totally inspired that the two boys who had a suit ended up in the same room.
I'll have to have Brady fill in the names of the two girls before Autumn and Brady. Going to the temple.
Brady and Autumn on the bus going to white water raft down the Snake River.

They had such a great time. I have lots of picture to post later. Yes.... there a lots more. I am trying to talk Brady into doing a guest post of his experience there. That would be lots better then me trying to explain all his feelings and thoughts of AFY.


The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like they had a blast! They were here during gorgeous weather too! Sometimes that's rare.

Love the post.

Zoey said...

Fun. It looks as though Brady was quite popular with the ladies! Watch out mom!

Connie said...

Cute pictures and cute bow-ties. I wouldn't mind having one myself!

Kimmie said...

I love how PROUD you are of your kids! It shines through in every post you do.

Actually, your excitement and enthusiasm for life shines through in every post too!!

BTW...YES, you are more than welcome to post my recipes on your Blog. As long as you link back to my Blog that is just fine.

I am glad you are enjoying the recipes!! That is the main reason I started my Blog, was because I wanted to finally have all of my recipes in one spot so I could make it into a cookbook. I am just thrilled that they are helpful and enjoyable to others as well.

Have a really great day!!

Ann Marie said...

My opinion.. Boys and Men look better in the suits!
Brady looks good! Tell him that!

Autumn said...

Haha ya it was a lot of fun good thing you post the pictures I took cuz I am way to lazy to do that.


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