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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Status on My Container Garden

I love gardening in a container. However, I have been plagued by bugs. Very frustrating when a green bean starts to come up and the next day it is gone....eaten.
In the back of my yard I have a cement pad that used to be a dog run. Until I can afford a shed, it is my garden and a little sitting area.
We also have our fire pit located in this area. I have tried to make it look attractive and nice to look at from the patio.
I lined up the containers for my garden along the edges. I thought it would look really nice when the plants were bigger.... a very nice back drop.
One of the 4 tomato plants is in the corner. I have to say the my tomato plants are doing awesome!! It makes me very happy that I grew them from a seed and they are strong and healthy. I love having them in a container. I may actually be successful in getting a good crop of ripe tomatoes to can this year... Cross your fingers!

Unfortunately as you can see, only a few green bean plants have come up. It is very sparse. While talking to one of my customers who is a great gardener.... I told her that something is eating my green beans. She told me it probably was a slug. Slugs love beans. I have been putting down bug killer, but not slug killer.

Today, I purchased slug killer and more seeds to plant. I really want a good crop of beans to can. It has always been a favorite vegetable for my boys.

When they were little we always had a guessing game with our beans. They would hold up a bean and I would guess how many seeds were inside the shell and then they would eat it. To this day, they prefer beans over corn. Brady loves broccoli first then beans. I am thankful they grew up liking at least this vegetable.
Did you notice the flock of birds in the back. One of my customers were getting rid of this and I took it. It is suppose to be an "inside the house" decoration. It was too big for any place in my house, but I have loved it outside. The weather has rusted it - but I really like the look. This is a perfect place for them!
My flower pots are beautiful. I love that this vine that hangs off of the pot has purple flowers. It was an added bonus for me.... I didn't know this plant produced flowers.
Off the side of the cement pad is a group of yellow irises. They are beautiful!

Now I am off to plant green bean seeds again. This time --- They WILL grow and make it! Those darn slugs!! I hope your garden is growing nicely too.

As a side note, there is a really great post from Idaho Preppers today on the Wheat supply. It is worth reading. I hope you have a good storage of wheat - if not.... buy some today!


The Garden of Egan said...

That is beautiful. You put me to shame, I have a garden space but haven't finished planting...yet. I'm down with a horrible head cold, but hopefully tomorrow I can get myself together and finish this thing.
Your flowers are gorgeous. I think I would love sitting on your patio.

Connie said...

You have made it look very attractive. Beautiful flowers!
I feel rich whenever I am able to harvest something from my own garden. Good luck with the beans and the slugs. Hope you get more of one than the other!

Small House said...

Your patio filled with veggies is great right now as is. will be beautiful, when everything has come up and all green.

Did I see lettuce in one of your pots? I planted lettuce in two pots, and NOTHING! LUCKY YOU!

Good luck with those darn bugs. Don't they just drive you crazy?

You really do have a wonderful yard.
Have a good day.

Sondra said...

Yes, we have lettuce. We started eating it this week. Yum! I love fresh vegetables.

Zoey said...

Awesome! No garden for us this year, but we have really made progress with weeds and yard work, so hopefully we will be prepared next year!

GardenerGirl said...

How beautiful! That's a really nice area for a seating area, and I've always been an advocate of edible foliage for ornamentation. That tomato looks fantastic.

Ann Marie said...

Everything looks great!!

Darn slugs.. I have to snail/slug bait my flowers that are not potted or they eat them alive too!

I container garden as well, but only have tried tomatos and peppers.. One day I hope to do a square foot garden..

That pretty pot with the vine and purple flower is vinca.. I have it and it grows like a weed. It is used for ground cover in one of my beds and I only planted 6 little plants and after 2 years it is ALL over like ivy! It's pretty and HEARTY!


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