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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's Just Ducky

Saturday I walked out my front door to change the water and to my surprise, there were a couple of ducks taking a shower in the water.
I watched them for a while. It was amazing how the "beautiful" male duck coddled the female. He made sure she drank water first and enjoyed the shower. He never left her side, he was the protector of his dear one.
They stayed on my lawn for a long time. They didn't like me out there too much, so I went in and watched them from the window. A little later, I took out a slice of bread to feed them. The male duck didn't eat any... it was all for the female. His life is all about taking care of her and loving her.How did this male duck learn this trait? Is it a ducky thing? I enjoyed watching the love, the protection and the care. Maybe you have found your own ducky who takes care of your needs. All I can say is, "you are a lucky duck to have found your perfect male".

I enjoyed their visit and they can come back and enjoy my water anytime they want. It was heart warming. One day, I will be a lucky duck and find those traits in a male too. Until then, I can dream about the love of two ducks!

OR a certain vampire... :-)


Scrappy Girl said...

Oh that certain vampire...LOL!

Cute duckies...we have 2 right now but they want to stay at the barn instead of at the pond. This doesn't surprise me after our goat who thought he was a horse.

Janel said...

This was such a cute story...I hope that they come back to visit you!

Thank you for the pictures of your home (inside and out)! You are so talented in all that you do! Everything is just beautiful!
Blessings, Janel in NJ

Small House said...

This post just warmed my heart. "Lucky Duck." Made me laugh. I've never noticed the way a male duck takes care of the female duck. I'm going to pay more attention when they come and swim in my little pond.

Sometimes things just don't turn out the way we planned do they? I like to think it's for a reason. We just aren't able to see the bigger picture.

I love your blog. You are a strong, faithful woman. Raising wonderful children, who love you!! It's very inspiring!
Have a great day.

Robyn said...

Just yesterday we had a duck follow us in the Albertsons parking lot. The girls got some crackers and fed it- and the duck got within 12 inches of us! I couldn't believe it. I was kind of scared it might snap at one of my kids- but your analogy makes it seem like ducks are gentle, loving creatures. It made me smile. :)

Zoey said...

Oh, Edward!!! Very cute ducks!!!

Ann Marie said...

Be patient.. Your Edward will be there one day!!!

Cute little ducks.. We have had love-birds on our deck and I have been watching them. Isn't it amazing to see such loving instincts in all creatures?

Glad you took the time to stop and enjoy them. :)

Rhonda said...

How cute and fun to watch that they were visiting your home. When Autumn was little and Rich was working in Utah I took her to feed the ducks at a pond. One got grouchy and got her shirt and wouldn't let go. I think she was 3.5 so this duck was flapping its wings holding onto her shirt. Not fun.
You asked about drivers training. She won't take it until the second tri in school. So sometime in the winter and then she can only take it depending on a few things.

Connie said...

What a fun thing to watch! Isn't it amazing how well some of the animals treat each other...even better than some humans do!

Cherie said...

That is so neat that you took the time to watch the ducks. I didn't even know they acted this way - how sweet is that?

You can learn so much if you just stop in your tracks and pay attention.

Happy Day!

wendy said...

That was cute --- you will find Mr. Duck some day. I just watched "Twighlight" for the first time last night with my daughter. I enjoyed it more then I thought I would. Yummy!!


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