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Thursday, June 25, 2009


It all started with this book..... My little boy is READING a book!!!!

My boys have NEVER enjoyed reading books. I have tried and tried. I have purchase lots and lots of book. I have read to them. I have set reading times. I have tried to get them excited about reading..... but they never would do it.

In speaking with other mothers through the years, I found that I wasn't alone. Lots of boys hate reading.

I told Brady we needed to go through a week of no electronics. No TV, No Computer, No video games.... We needed to walk, bike ride, read books and see if we could do it. (we only lasted a couple of days - but it was a "good thing")

Brady picked up a book and read... I was amazed to come in and see him reading in the living room, the TV room, on his bed..... even in front of the computer.

I was giddy.... excited... surprised!! My boy is reading. Yeah!

When he finished book one.... he started right away on book two... Yes, these books have been in our book shelf for a couple of years. Sitting there... not being read.
Brady couldn't put this book down. He was soooooooo excited about the story, surprised at the twists, surprised that he couldn't figure it out...

He has been begging to tell me all about it. But, I don't want him to - because I need to read them.

He told me that he finally understands my need to talk to someone about the Twilight books when I was reading them.

The BEST thing is that my Brady is FINALLY a READER!! Yippee!! I think that once you get the bug - you never lose your desire to be lost in a book.

I came home to a note on the kitchen counter:

Mom, I finished book 2 today. Please go to the store and pick up the next one.

Aaaaahhh -- how cute is that?

We went to the store and picked up the next two.
Thank you Brandon Mull for making my son a READER!
Maybe I will be able to get him to read Harry Potter or Twilight.... A mom can only hope.
Isn't it amazing that my smart cookie - hasn't been a reader??


Valerie said...

My son (14) hasn't been much of a reader either. He does like the Fablehaven books, though. He also really likes the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series by Rick Riordan, and some of the Harry Potter books (but not all). Lately, he's been reading some of Claire Poulsen's books and likes those as well.

Scrappy Girl said...

Tell him you will read those if he reads Twilight...think of all the cool discussions you will have!

I know what you mean about getting boys to read...when we had Foster Son he refused to participate in the reading club.

Marie said...

I'm in the middle of Book 4 right now--it's a great series. Your post about it makes me want to go reread the other ones because I find that there are some details mentioned in this one that I don't remember--good for him that he's reading them all together--that's a lot of reading!

Zoey said...

And who recommended those books? LOL! This is another series that both young adults and adults will LOVE! You really need to read them. And tell Brady, just wait until book 4 - he is going to die . . . (it's been my favorite so far.)

Robyn said...

I JUST finished the first fablehaven about 2 weeks ago (my mom got it from Zoey for Mother's Day) but no one else had the rest of the series. I may have to come visit again and borrow some books! :)

Cherie said...

These are great books and my boys like them too!
I think I need to read them they just look fun!!
I really like it when kids find a book that they truly like and there is a whole series - it really keeps them interested!!

The Garden of Egan said...

Cool. Harry Potter did it for my son.

Connie said...

It's a blessing when a book gets a child to read! Harry Potter was my son's choice.

Benji said...

Look,I am a huge fan of books and a 11 year old boy. So really any boys who use the excuse "I'm a boy, that means I hate reading" are really just LOSERS!


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