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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boys in Suits

I have always loved dressing my boys in suits for church. They are just adorable mini-missionaries when they are all dressed up.
This is Jason in one of his suits as a little boy. Isn't he the cutest little boy ever?
Then there is Brady with his very long eye lashes and dressed up in his suit, complete with bow tie. I just love how fun it was to dress these little boys up.

Then they become teenagers and it is very difficult to keep them dressed up in a suit, due to the crazy growth spurt they have.
They just end up in a white shirt, pants and a tie. Here is Brady outside the New Twin Falls Temple. Still very handsome, but I love the look of a boy in a suit.

We have been preparing for AFY, Adventure for Youth, LDS Youth Conference. He will be going June 29th through July 3rd at BYU Idaho.

One of the requirements is a sport coat. Brady will only wear black church clothes, no stripe, not navy - just black. I don't know why... it is just what he likes.

It was my time again to put my little (big) boy into a suit. We headed over to the mall and found an awesome deal at JC Penney.
Now my son is just dashing in a brand new suit! Aaaaaahh I just love to dress up a boy - since I never had a daughter to play dress up with *wink*.

Don't you think the girls at Youth Conference will think he is sooooo cute? He'll have a great time.... I am really excited for him!
My little boy is growing up. We purchased this suit in the men's department, no more little boy or even a teenager... But a little man. (He is taller then me... but always my little boy.)

The pants have a cuff to take out when he grows. I am sure we will get good use out of this suit.

I did get a great deal! Original prices were $328, but I walked out paying (with tax) only $164.27. When the total displayed on the register... I had to take a double take... I was sure I was over $200... What a great savings of $173 -- woo hoo.. I always love a deal.

The break down:
Suit Coat, regular price $180, with discount $82.50.
Pants, regular price $80, with discount $36.47
New white shirt, regular price $38, with discount $18.23
New silk red tie, regular price $30, with discount $18.22

It was my lucky day with all the great discounts they were offering. I love a great deal!


Zoey said...

He does look handsome! It's fun to play dress up!

Robyn said...

Very handsome boys! I haven't bought a suit yet for Colt because they also grow to fast when they are babies- but you've got me thinking I'm gonna have to do it! :)

Ann Marie said...

He looks great!

I love my little guy in a suit too!
We have had him in one the past 2 years and each sunday I PRAISE him.. He looks so handsome and like a little missionary also..

Good job being thrifty! Blessings always surround us.. Don't they!

Connie said...

What a handsome son you have! He should have so much fun and the girls will think he's pretty darn cute!

I love boys in suits too. Congratulations on the savings!

The Garden of Egan said...

He will look great at Youth Conference. Have him wave when he comes! I live two blocks from the University.

Rhonda said...

Oh no we may be in trouble.... All of Autumn's friends already think he is hawt.

Scrappy Girl said...

I lvoe the little boys in suits too...they were so cute. He looks so handsome now too. Great shopping! Look out girls!

klcstar said...

He does look good, I'm looking forward to going to AFY with him and Autumn. We're going to have so much fun!


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