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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Teenager has Arrived in the Building and His Concert

It is official!! I have a teenager, a moody teenager who is now VERY embarrassed by his mother. He was VERY ticked off at me for invading his space and snapping a picture at the choir concert this week. I guess I've went to far in taking his picture... The apron strings are being cut and way toooo quickly for me. He doesn't want to be seen with me anymore or acknowledge I am his mother... Yes, I had a quick pitty party yesterday as it does break my heart.

Then, I had to realize the hormones raging in my teenager. Was I any different? Was it any different with Jason? Nope.....

I doesn't make teenage life any easier for me. I am never ready for it to hit... It breaks my heart, and now my life moves into a different phase until he wants to acknowledge I am his mother again. Maybe when he is on his mission it will change.

Until then, I have to play it low. I think the time for taking tons of pictures has come to an end.. sniffle.
The concert was WONDERFUL! Probably the best one I've been to. The children were able to pick there own songs and they were in English and not Christian music - LOL! Mr. Brown has some weird takes on music - but I guess that is what makes the children grow.
Brady received an award that night too. He was awarded Concert Choir Section Leader - Woo Hoo. I was EXCITED!! Until I hit the mood of my hormonal teenager at the end of the concert. Talk about a bad mood... Yikes! Just because I took a picture!! Any whoooooo... He is a great kid and I am very proud of his efforts!
The dress was School Spirit clothing, quite different from dressy concerts. It was really laid back.
Over all it was a great evening.
However..... I am not ready for the dreaded teenage years.... 3 more years of incognito... *Sigh*


Cherie said...

Oh Sondra you are so cute! Time to invest in that telephoto lens!! I just really do not like it when the teens decide they don't want pictures! ugh! I can feel your pain.

We went through years of Mr. Brown - he is definately a unique guy with a very strange take on music - that comment made me laugh!

Yayyy for Brady and being in the choir - so much fun!

Ann Marie said...

I feel so bad for you!
You have made me scared for Teen years.. I look forward to them.. and then I think I'll wait a while.

Hope your day is a better one..
Your a GREAT Mother!

Robyn said...

It is so funny that when you are a teenager you think you are perfect and right about everything- I remember those days vividly and I am sure my parents do too! One day he will look back like I do and won't believe he was ever a moody teenager. :)

Rhonda said...

Isn't this a fun age? NOT Autumn is grouchy as a bear also. She knows if she wants to go somewhere she has to be seen with me, but she lets it be known it doesn't make her happy. Her choir teacher also picks weird music. What is up with that? I hate when they sing songs and you can't understand the language.

Small House said...

Well Sondra, if Brady didn't appreciate you taking his picture, the boy next to him was enjoying it.

It is tough when they decide you aren't their mom in public anymore. I'm always glad when that phase is OVER!

Have a good day.


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