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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Primary Quarterly Activity Day 2009

Saturday our Primary had their Quarterly Activity Day.

"My Family is a Treasure"

This was the first activity in a three part series. The children made "treasure boxes" to take home, and they were taught about the importance of families.

We the children arrived at 10:00 am, they assembled in the gym. They split the group into 3 groups.
The first group stayed in the gym and decorated a box to be their "Family Treasure Box". Christine had lots of clip art for the children to color and paste on their boxes.
The children really did a great job in coloring and decorating their boxes. They were very excited to have a treasure box.
Christine decorated some boxes as examples for the children.
This quarterly activity focused on Grand Parents.
Carla, who used to be the Primary president and I was one of her counselors (before I was President) is my dear, dear friend.
She recently became a grandmother of a grand daughter. She shared the joy of being a grandparent with the children. She talked about her grand daughter, traditions they have and fun things grandparents do with their grandchildren.
She had many "treasures" to share with the boys and girls.
The other room was another grandma (Chris) who shared things she keeps in her "treasure box" that are precious to her.
She kept pictures, trophies, certificates, a special sweater her grandmother knitted for her.
At the end of her presentation the table was filled with items she pulled out of her "treasure box".
It was a great Primary activity day. I loved it! Our families are truly our greatest Treasure!


Scrappy Girl said...

What a great activity...loved hearing about it!

Janice said...

What a great idea for an activity.
I remember keeping a treasure box when I was a child. I actually still have it in my cedar chest.
You just gave me an idea for my kids to make during summer break.
I could get out my treasure box and show what I kept in mine. Thanks a lot for sharing!!


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