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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Planting Seedlings

My seeds are doing really well since I put them in the kitchen window.
I decided it was time to plant my tomatoes and squash plants. I haven't planted any seeds in a garden either. It's still early May and I feel like I am already behind.
I soaked my bush bean seeds to get them ready to sprout as soon as I plant them. I don't know where I got this from - probably my father. I try to do this with peas and beans all the time. I didn't get the peas in the ground and now it's too late and will get too warm before they have peas ready for picking. I'll do it next year.
I planted my tomatoes in pots this year. Actually, I'm going to plant my garden in containers. I was going to do a square foot garden, but I really didn't know where to put it in my yard right now. I found a great deal on pots at Big Lots for $8 and decided to plant in containers and see how it goes this year.
After I planted my tomato seeds, I put a milk carton on top to help it get used to the weather and strengthened enough to handle the wind. I'll take the milk carton off them when they are too big for the carton. I have this cement pad where a dog run used to be. I have plans to eventually put a shed there, but for now it will be my container garden with a couple of lawn chairs. It is a great area for the garden, because the sun shines brightly there.

I planted my beans in the longer pots and also carrots and lettuce. I'm going to plant the squash, watermelon and pumpkins in my berm and flower garden areas. I'm excited to see how a container garden turns out. I'll post pictures often through the growing season and my opinion on how it works. I hope your gardens are on their way too!


Zoey said...

WOW! Good for you! We don't plant until Memorial Day Weekend. That way we don't have to cover anything! I look forward to watching it grow and to hear how it does!

Ann Marie said...

Yay!! Comments AGAIN!!

Thank goodness for Facebook so I could still chat with ya.. he-he

I do mine in containers.. I did peppers and Cherry Tomatos. I'm the only tomato and pepper eater, so I just do them on my deck in Large black pots ( that trees are held in until planted.. ) anyways, it worked GREAT last year.

I havent had to cover mine yet.. I just watch the news and check the weather nightly..

I have 1/4 of my flowers planted! I can't wait to plant the rest this week!!

Happy Mothers day Sondra!!
Hope your Sabbath is great!!!

wendy said...

I don't have a garden ---but LOVE fresh food out of the garden. Your own personal garden is even better then a farmers market. so..dang..good. Let us know how it comes along.

Connie said...

We started some seeds this year and my husband actually planted the tomato plants on Saturday. They are SO TINY! The stem is no bigger than a wire and it has only 2 leaves? He covered them with the wall of water and put a huge, "cage" around them. That's called being optimistic!

I'm ready to go to the nursery to buy some more tomato plants. That's called being pessimistic.

I guess we'll see what happens! Good luck with your garden. I think you know what you're doing!


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