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Friday, May 15, 2009

More Curbing

This week has been crazy and busy. I just LOVE all of the curbing poured last week and just needed to get the rest done. I decided to go ahead, spend the money and finish getting all the curbing done this spring. I scheduled C & J Curbing to come and finish the remaining areas in my yard that needed curbing. Now it's all done for life!! They scheduled to pour the curbing Wednesday.

Tuesday, prior to them coming, we had to pull up all of the cement border stones from around the berm and other flower beds that still needed curbing. C & J Curbing also came Tuesday night to measured, put paint marks on the ground and gave me a price for the job. It was a go!

Now I have lots of these decorative cement boards. I'm not quite sure what to do with them. Hmmmmm ........ Any ideas?
The curbing is wonderful! I am done now forever!! This is the berm from the street. We decided to give it a curvy look.
This is the same berm from the gate to the street.
Then from the gate in the back yard to my cement pad. More curvy curbing. (say that 5 times really fast!).
The same curbing but from the cement pad looking back to the gate.
I also decided to have curbing poured in front of the arborvitaes planted by the back fence in my back yard. I have lots of grass to dig out of there. It's gonna be a ton of work.... but it is something I have planned to be done as the trees grew. I guess this is the year to get it done.
I'm thrilled to have curbing...lots of curbing around my yard. It made my grassy area lots smaller - but that's OK... I like flowers and tree boarders. When I get all the grass out and flowers planted.... oooooooo it's gonna be gorgeous!


Cherie said...

OK I have to tell you it really looks good! I am looking in my yard and feeling very envious of you right now. My yard is just not that pretty!
I really like your curvy sections (and NO i am not flirting with you - hee hee).

Love it!!

I was trying to think of what you could do with the old cement pieces....Hmmmmmm

Zoey said...

Curbing is awesome. I think that you should ask neighbors or others in your ward if someone would like them. I have heard of wards doing blogs to ask and get rid of items not needed anymore to others in their ward. I think that it's a great idea!

Robyn said...

I would post the cement pieces on craigslist and try to make a little extra money. Even if you post them for free- have them haul them so it's no more work for you. )

Rhonda said...

Looks super great!


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