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Friday, May 1, 2009

Don't Panic - Prepare!

Today it has been one week since I first found out about the Swine Flu and a possible pandemic. Through this week I have been reading everything I see on Swine Flu and freaked out a little bit. Yes, believe it or not (LOL), I have a tendency to get really nervous about the trials we may have to go through.

For a while now, I have really been focusing on my preparedness and food storage. I have felt peace too this week that I am prepared - but I have thought about "holes" in areas in my preparation and have fill them. It's a good feeling to be even more prepared at the end of this week then I was last week. Whether anything happens in this spread of swine flu or not, we are better prepared and that is a good thing.

Over the last 6 month or so, I have been getting prepared through KNOWLEDGE on what to do in a disaster and pandemic. It has been amazing all of the information and training you can get to things you would never have thought about. Knowledge is the "key" to not having fear. If you have "THOUGHT" about what to do, then when it comes up - you will KNOW what to do.

Here is a comment I left on Totally Ready's website this week... I was a little freaked out when I left it. She answer's my concerns on this post:

I have been thinking about this all day - the waves that a pandemic takes. The news reports keep saying how it is good that this is coming when the spring weather is here when it will go away quickly and be mild. Then they say it will possibly come back in the fall… I feel like this is our “drill” for what may come.

I understand they are trying to be cautious and not having people panic… I really hope that everyone is preparing and not blowing this over… It’s in the preparing that we will have peace. I know you feel different in California then we do in Idaho.. Living here it is NO big deal and if I am worried about it - I am a crazy lady..

What do you think about the vaccine that they may give next fall… I really don’t want to take it, from what I read about what happened in the 1970’s. Do you think it can be safe if they are able to grow the vaccine from seeds?

I feel like I am at peace and prepared because I have been following your blog for 6 months or so. It is my wish that we can help people prepare and be ready for what may come. That my extended family will take this seriously and get prepared.

Do you think they are keeping the real risk “quiet”? I don’t think most people are worried at all about the threat of what this can become. They keep reporting about what happens with a seasonal flu and make it seem like this is the same type of thing. I don’t feel like it is the same at all - what do you think?

I’m trying hard not to get to worried and go about my normal life… Wash my hands often. But it’s kind of scary when you don’t know if the person next to you is a carrier.. I have "80" N-95 mask in my home - when you do start being worried enough to start wearing them? If you have children who go to school, when should they wear them?

I have enough food storage and over the counter medication, gloves, water on hand.. We are prepared. I just don’t want to get infected.
Here is another comment I left - a lot more prepared and calm:
I just have to say that maybe people needed a little “panic” to get better prepared. I agree - don’t panic - get prepared should be the message of this threat.

It must be the message of the day “Don’t panic”.. I keep reading it on blogs and seeing it played out on TV.

At this point, I don’t think there is much to be scared of - it’s a flu that they’ve been able to treat. That is a comforting thought. It’s what the “wave” will be - is the scary part.

For me, it’s been really good to analyze where my weak spots in my preparations have been and fix it. I feel better prepared now then I have ever been.

I’ve been able to teach my children about better hygiene, how to react if one of us (including me ) becomes sick and that there is no reason to fear, because we are prepared. It’s been a teaching and training moment to family and friends.

So for me… so far… it’s been a good thing to get a little panicked!
Here are some health related things I have learned by reading and freaking out a bit:

In all of this "swine flu" pandemic, I've read some good things. Have different tooth paste tubes for each member of the family. Change toothbrushes.

Wash hands more often. As soon as we come home, that is the first thing we do is wash our hands to the song" Happy Birthday or Twinkle, Twinkle little star. -- make them wash before dinner, before bed... lots of washing hand - lots of reminders to do it.. Get the hand gel for school.

I'd probably start changing the sheets of my beds every day or every other day.A new towel each time someone showers. Don't share a towel. Paper towels in the bathrooms for washing hands - then throw away.
I know - lots of laundry..

I would use Clorox clean-up every day - twice a day on sinks and fixtures. You can dilute regular Clorox in a spray bottle - that works too.. Maybe 4 / 1 (the 1 being the Clorox and 4 being water

Plastic cups for drinking that you throw away after each drink.

Kleenex tissues in every room with a garbage can that is emptied daily with a tissue that catches every sneeze.

Yes... I know I am a germ-a-phob...

Oh... and another tip I read was no second helpings at dinner unless you have a new plate.. The serving spoon shouldn't touch a germ infested used dinner plate that is using a serving spoon for the 2nd helping - which infect the rest of the food.
I would Clorox wipe/spray every door knob and light switch too.


Scrappy Girl said...

I tend to panic too and I have to be careful how much I read cause I tend to have anxiety attacks during stuff like this...I am prepared...getting more prepared each day. Hope this just goes away!

Small House said...

I'm with you. I worry quite a bit. I've really been working on this though. I can't take everything on in the world.

I'm enjoying all your preparation ideas though. It's been helping me a lot to get more and more prepared. Like you said, maybe we'll need all this maybe not. It is good to know we are ready for any circumstance.

Have a great day Sondra.

Zoey said...

Hmmm. Very interesting! I had no idea that Brandon would be calling you, but I'm glad that he feels comfortable to do that.

Kimmie said...

Sondra, Thanks for the GREAT info once again!

I learn so much from you! I feel ready as well for whatever may come, but I try not to worry, because I don't want to make myself sick worrying about something that might not happen.

(that's not to say I don't worry at all I just try to keep my mind busy with other things so I don't worry as much).

Thanks for all of the wonderful information that you willingly share with us.

Cherie said...

I think Satan really wants us to worry because then we won't focus on the important things.
By contrast the Lord says '"if ye are prepared ye shall not fear".
There is such truth in that and if we are prepared we can help others and not be worried.
I think you are most excellently prepared Sondra - You do a good job!

Michelle said...

thanks for all the info.

you are prepared!


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