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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The wonderful thing about working so much is the extra money! It has helped me do a couple of things around my house that I've had on my "to do" list. I was able to get my lights fixed, and yesterday I had curbing poured around my flower beds. When I arrived home from work yesterday and saw how beautiful it was, I was giddy and jumping for joy!!

Before I had my curbing put in, I had a wood border along all my flower beds. It has been rotting away and falling apart. I took some pictures of how it's falling apart... I should have taken more, because you can't get the true vision of how bad it was getting from these few pictures.
Very uneven and rotted.
Now everything is solid, clean looking...
I have a lot of yard work yet to do, weeds and grass out of my flower beds... But, it's still spring and I'll get it done. C & J Curbing did this high quality work their number is 208-888-6430 and I totally recommend them - they did a great job.
Oh, the beauty and joy of it all!!
I love flowers and have lots of flower beds in my yard. Here is a blog of my flower beds last summer. It's kinda funny in looking at that blog, I didn't show the borders and positioned the picture to take away the look of my falling apart border - Fun-Ny!!
This next picture is by the patio. It is where we always had our small swimming pool and the grass is still growing back. By summer it will be thick and beautiful. I had them cut more into the grass. I'd like to plant arborvitaes along the fence this summer. There is a ton of grass I will have to dig out - but aaaaahh it's gonna be very beautiful when it's done!
In front of my garage. It's soooo clean and tidy looking. I only wish I would have done it sooner.
And my last picture. I still want to curb my berm and along my outer fence... but I'll have to save some more money!!
Oh, and one other thought, over the weekend, Brady and I had to remove all of the wooden boarders to prepare the area for curbing. I needed to have the wood boarders taken away to the dump and decided to call one of the hauling "Junk" removal places, since I don't have a husband or a truck.
I decided to do that instead of getting a dumpster from the garbage people, because you have to pay a drop off fee, pick up fee, and weight fee on the trash... It's always a huge amount.
I tried "Angels Hauling" and they only charged me $60, for loading and hauling it away. Soooo worth their labor and time. Jack was great and I'll definitely use them again if I have any junk I need hauled away.


Cherie said...

It looks beautiful Sondra!

I loved looking at your post from last year of all your flowers - Wow! Your garden is amazing!

I am super glad to see things growing and flowers blooming and everything becoming green again. The trees have leaves - YayyYYY!

Robyn said...

Looks great Sondra! I think the 'green thumb' must run in the family. Your (you, grandma, my mom) yards are always perfect!

Kimmie said...

Lucky you!! I can't imagine how nice the day will be when we can finally do some nice curbing like that in our yard!

Until then, I enjoy looking at others. Gorgeous yard!!

You must live in a warm climate because the leaves still aren't on all of our trees and our tulips are just barely starting to open up.

I just LOVE your happy, positive attitude! You're always in a great mood and give such great advice!

Enjoy your day!

Janice said...

It looks great!! I bet you just love to sit and stare at it. You will love planting flowers this year for sure. Your yard looks great.

Zoey said...

Beautiful! I love it!


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